Dreamland Maid café Brings the Maid café Experience for Valentine’s in LA

A Maid café, is a restaurant that was founded in Taiwan and Japan, but has made it's way across the sea to the U.S. of A! Having one titled the "Dreamland Maid café" actually tour around the U.S., a lot of its stops taking place in sunny Los Angeles, California.

With its popularity ever so growing, making appearances at conventions like Anime Expo, Anime LA, among others, doing various "Pop-Ups" in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, as well as other smaller events, such as one that happened in El Monte for Valentine's Day/Super Bowl Sunday weekend on February 11th 2024!

Having arrived to this Maid café on time, the cafe was running a tad behind schedule, so awaiting close to an hour, was a tad disappointing. But nevertheless though once called upon with a lovely greeting by all the maids; we were seated at our table, right next to the stage, it was a rather fun experience to behold.

This was a Valentine's Tea Party event, in celebration of what else but Valentine's Day, even though the holiday itself wasn't for a few more days, it was still a fun little outing to take in. The event would include a 3-course high tea experience, with assorted tea sandwiches, strawberry cream cheese scones, and numerous desserts, with unlimited hot teat of course! Plus a special Valentine's chekki and Valentine's DreamLIVE show was included as well!

A chekki is a special post card, with a special message, and photograph of you with your maid of choice. My partner and I picked two maids that were fond of our attire and choice of music, after we had mentioned to them a JPop idol group known as BabyMetal! The DreamLIVE show had taken the array of maids, allowing each one of them to perform a select song of their choosing, performing in a little dance/song segment. Each one did a superb but fun experience, getting the other maids and those there very excited.


Before and after the performance portion though, the maids would interact with you, talking to you about your interests, day, and overall experience of the cafe itself. Our maids were happy and friendly, making the whole thing a good time through and through.

Overall though, the atmosphere and experience had here, was one that was very lovely and pretty fun. Would gladly recommend this event for any of tea, tea parties, anime, Japanese lifestyle, and just a fun thing to do, if not done before, go for this one, it will be one to not be forgotten about, but wanting to come back to again and again for sure!

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