The Convalescence's Keith Talks of New Deals, Music, and Plans Ahead!

Metal band THE CONVALESCENCE has been around for quite some time, releasing a handful of albums, including most recent being "Monument of Misery". Whilst it has been a bit since our last and first interview dated back to 2014. The band still manages to keep up the pace, as said prior, releasing content, touring, with a whole lot more in-store! Frontman vocalist does the talking about what the band has been doing since the last time we chatted!

1. The first and last time we spoke was back in 2014, during this time we briefly discussed your release "Unmasking The Betrayer" along with you being singed with Ferocious Records. What has changed since we discussed these matters way back then?

Keith: Well we are no longer with Ferocious Records, We signed to Legend Recordings in 2018 and since Unmasking The Betrayer we've done hundreds of tour dates around the world and released 4 more full albums and a cover of "Coming Undone" by Korn.

2. During this same interview discussion we talked of a new album, the follow-up to "Unmasking The Betrayer", was this follow-up release the album titled "The Process", or another release altogether?

Keith: Yes, The follow up to "Unmasking The Betrayer" was "The Process".

3. How did you guys go from being signed with Ferocious Records onto LEGEND Recordings?

Keith: We left Ferocious Records on good terms in 2015 to pursue a deal with a bigger label for our 2016 release "Poison Words". After bouncing around with a couple labels we signed with our long time Manager's label Legend Recordings.

4. “Monument Of Misery” is your most recent album and the band's fifth to date correct? Tell me a little bit about this release, and how much the sound and style has changed since those very first releases up until this point.

Keith: "Monument Of Misery" is the band's sixth release, and the sound has changed over the years due to a number of things. We've had several band member changes over the years, Each one bringing a different musical background and skill set into the writing process. The earlier material like "Memories" and "Unmasking The Betrayer" were very DIY recordings and geared more towards a Metalcore sound. Over the years the band has gotten much heavier and added Keyboards in for a symphonic touch.

5. What about the band's line-up and imagine, when we last spoke you had 5 members now it's been upgraded to 6? Has the imagine as far as appeal and make-up changed up at all as well?

Keith: Each new member that has entered the band has been able to choose their own personal design as far as their own face paint, Usually the clothing is pretty uniform throughout the entire band. Putting on a great show is very important to us so any changes you have seen over the years have been an attempt to improve on what we've done in the past.

6. After releasing “Monument Of Misery”, which ended up hitting Billboard and iTunes charts, what ran through your mind when this happened and has this happened before?

Keith: We had hit the iTunes charts with "This Is Hell" in 2017 which really made Billboard the new goal. We received the news that we had hit Billboard as I was walking on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA getting ready for our Headline show at The Viper Room that night. Couldn't have been better timing.

7. How many single's and or video's have been taken off this album and released, and will we see any others off it?

Keith: We have released streaming videos for "The Return", "Disposal Of The Weak", and "The Virus" as well as a lyric video for "The Pit", and animated video for "The House Of Suffering", and a music video for "The Pit". Yes, I would expect a lot more from this album especially with us being stuck at home unable to tour until further notice.

8. This album's cycle is almost at it's one year marking, have any plans to celebrate?

Keith: As of now June is very uncertain as far as what we'll be able to do, We have some Summer plans but nothing I can talk about just yet.

9. Does the band have any new music in the works or nothing there just yet?

Keith: Yes we are already working on new music, Just not in a huge rush.

10. Can you tell me how the idea and why it was decided to release a coffee blend under your namesake and will we be seeing more coffee blends coming forth?

Keith: We had talked with Grindcore Coffee Co. and they were starting an artist series and were interested in working with us as well as Misery Index and Gwar, I know a ton of our fans love Coffee so putting our name on it and releasing Death Metal Coffee seemed like the right thing to do.

11. Since you went out to collaborate with such a particular item of merchandise, what item of merchandise would the band like to evenutally release?

Keith: Honestly we've always done some out of the ordinary merchandise such as Hot Sauce, Pre Roll Joints, Bowls, Soap, Coffee, Masks Of the band members faces, etc. We don't plan to stop anytime soon.

12. Does the band have any plans along the lines of playing shows or doing any tours?

Keith: We just had to cancel our Texas Dates in April with Carnifex, 3Teeth, The Browning, and Skold and our May 1st show with Okilly Dokilly we're hoping that our May Tour with Filth, Casket Robbery, and Blood of Angels will be able to happen as planned.

13. What else would you like to say or add on to wrap this up!

Keith: Thank you for interviewing me again after all these years, I want all of our fans to stay safe out there and stay tuned to our social media for updates and new content coming soon!

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