CEREBELLION: Premiere New Single & Lyric Video “Through Darkness”

Orange County, California’s Cerebellion release new single and lyric video “Through Darkness”. From their upcoming album Beyond Our Failures, the song  is the 2nd release in a series of 6 singles to be dropped throughout the  year. Out of the gates with a mix of heavy guitars and flamenco licks, "Through Darkness" is a rollercoaster, both sonically and lyrically.

As if the song didn’t already tell a significant story, "Through Darkness" gave way to a lyric video that is part anime and part graphic novel, leading the listener into the world of a sword wielding heroine. The dark  tone of the video perfectly compliments the music as it weaves in and out of thrashy fast riffs into open melodic choruses. Finally culminating in a beautiful acoustic piece, the song slowly fades out.

Check out the track HERE.

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