GFM Talk of New EP, Musical Style and Digital Touring!

Trio up and coming "beauty core" all girl band GFM or Gold Frankincense and Myrrth have been around for sometime, releasing previous content, including all new work's with an upcoming EP expected sometime in 2020, with virtual touring and live touring to take place eventually. The whole band got together to talk of the band's EP, music style, and future plans ahead of them.

1. First off, whose idea was it to blend together Paramore and Slipknot types of styling together to create this genre you define as "beauty core"?

Thank you so much. Yeah its the gradual thing that came together. We grew up listening to rock and different types of music like Bring Me the Horizon and Asking Alexandria and then found out about other acts like Paramore and Flyleaf and saw how women could do music and scream too. So we wanted to do the same thing, and wanted to put out, after releasing out first release it’s what we got. We were still collaborating and finding different influences, writing style it came together to how it was and is now.

2. What about the band's name, does it have a meaning behind it, how did it come to be and which perception to you prefer, the initials GFM or GFM Gold Frankincense and Myrrh?

When we were first starting out, our mom had suggested it during Christmas time in the month of December. It referring to how Jesus had received gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, and said why not go with that for a name. So we were like yeah totally. We went with using GFM because it’s something fans can familiarize with and know that it is us.

3. Let's talk about the outfits you have worn in photo shoots and live on stage, in some pictures you display the pink attire and in other's it's black and pink, among others, so will those be seen live from this point forward as your image or is it just that an image?

We love the whole theatrical aspect with being in a band. We want people who come out and see us, not only see us, but see a performance as well. It’s a set of attire we will not be giving up but embracing with little changes here and there.

4. Since those outfits are so eye catching, have you considered producing merchandise in the bright pink color tones yet?

There is a lot of pink in our upcoming releases, but we weren’t sure if the guys would be into the pink attire but some have wanted it, so we will see what we can come up and release.

5. You have released two single's off this upcoming EP, but will there be anymore to come off it?

We released the first single this past January and our second single just recently and both have had good reception towards them. No other single’s will be released off this upcoming EP at this time.

6. Whereabouts are you in the process of this EP release.

The EP is complete right now. We want to put it out but due to COVID-19 a lot of cancellations have happened. But the music is ready to go and released sometime this year.

7. Have you decided upon the title, artwork and how many tracks will be upon it?

We have decided on all of that, just cannot say anything about it at all yet.

8. When can we expect the new EP to be released?

Sometime this year for sure.

9. You have gone out on the first ever "E-Tour" a virtual tour from home, but which way of touring do you prefer E-Touring or the real deal?

To us, as long as we get to play our music is what matters. With digital you can hang out with the fans and with social media, it’s more fun interacting with everyone this way. We will see what happens hopefully we can make it out to the U.S. and Europe this fall if not next year for sure.

10. What other sort of plans does GFM have in-store between now into the rest of this year?

Lots of touring, releasing the EP, just engaging with our audiences as much as possible. Thanks for supporting us and check out the EP once it is released this year!

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