Her Bright Skies Chats About Revival and All New Music!

Swedish rockers HER BRIGHT SKIES began way back in 2005, releasing their debut EP in 2007 called "Beside Quiet Waters". After a year had gone by the band would go on to release their debut album "A Sacrament; III City". This would lead to several more releases, including the sophomore album "Causing A Scene" in 2010 and follow-up "Rivals", with other EP's released in-between! After playing a handful of shows and touring all over the place, the band would break up, going on a hiatus of sorts somewhat. Coming back sometime year, to release a new single titled "Bored". Now the band has taken the time to catch up, since talking with us way back in 2012 and 2013. Find out what was said from the chat below!

1. Having provided coverage for Her Bright Skies since around 2011 through 2013, the band would cease to exist after that timing. So what happened to the band, did they break up, go on a hiatus, or a bit of both?

We didn’t really call it a break up but in many ways it was. All of us went on to do other things and although we kept in touch, no one was really creating music. At least not for HBS.

2. Two interviews were conducted one in 2012 with the follow-up in 2013, discussing previous content, touring, and what not, so has much changed since then, has the band's line-up gotten more or less, band member's changed or is everything the same as it was prior?

Everything is the same with the exception of Jonas returning as part of the band. He never really left, but didn’t tour with us anymore.

3. So tell me about your newest and only single titled "Bored", was the band that bored that they decided to come back and release said single?

No it’s not really about that. The song is purely about escapism, a recurring theme in our lyrics. We just kind of sat down and said we want to write more HBS stuff and then ‘Bored’ happened.

4. What and why did the band decide to come back, what was it that changed?

I guess we all missed writing songs together. That’s pretty much it really.

5. Besides the new single, does the band have anymore content that could lead to an upcoming release, whether that be an EP or album, or that hasn't been decided upon yet.

We are doing it song by song right now. Who know it might turn into an EP or album. We haven’t really thought that far ahead to be honest.

6. Will the band be re-issuing or re-releasing any of their previously released content, from the years way back when, to those who may have not gotten their hands on it?

You mean as physical CD's or vinyl? Maybe, that’s a long-shot though. Everything is way easier with digital isn’t it.

7. During the old content's era the band was signed with District 19 and then Panic and Action, so is the band still signed on with someone or are you taking the DIY approach?

We are entirely independent and plan to stay that way unless something insane comes along.

8. Why did the band go with naming themselves Her Bright Skies?

No idea. Can’t remember anymore. It was too long ago. We were just kids.

9. Way back when, you kept saying in both previous interviews, how you guys had like 50 songs for said albums, do you still have those songs still at hand that we might be able to hear?

They’re not really songs, just concepts. Might be a chorus and a verse, that’s it. Believe me you don’t want to hear some of it.

10. Does the band have anything in the works as far as shows and or touring?

Nothing at the moment. We’ll see if that’s something we want to do in the future. For now we’re just focusing on writing our music.

11. What about current plans, what does the band have in-store for the rest of this year that is 2020?

We have more songs on the way that’s for sure. But that’s about it!

12. Would you like to add or say anything more?

Thank you all for listening and hope you’ll like the song that comes out on May 1st.

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