Beyond Unbroken – Running Out of Time

The former Money Brothers, Monte and Michael Money formerly the co-founder's, members, and writer's of Escape The Fate, have formed an all new band called Beyond Unbroken. This band releasing a debut DIY released EP titled "Don't Wake the Dead", in 2017 having had a few single's come forth off it. After three year's since the band's last release, the band would go on to release two single's off what would be the band's debut DIY album titled "Running Out of Time". Said single's would be "In My Head" and "Enemy", with follow-up being the title track "Running Out of Time".

Since these single’s were released the album would soon follow through, with it’s assorted content, being reminisce to that of Escape The Fate’s time except perhaps being a more modernized version. The vocalization being vivid and clear, whilst the instrumentation is energetic yet vibrant. Some of their notable “scream” antics, can be heard within the album’s selected tracks.

Take such other tracks like "Hold On", "The Nightmare", and "Smile", are just the glimpses of what this band can do musically and lyrically. The emotions involved are just so welcoming at times, you can immediately relate.  As far as the other tracks go, they are much like the other’s, being very foretelling, that they are catchy in their beats and overall tone.

Perhaps hearing the album through a few times over, and hearing the EP that came before it, the EP release did involve just a tad more energy and more screams that can be said for the band’s debut LP release. It’s not much of a downer but it is a bit disheartening. All in all really, Beyond Unbroken’s debut album that is “Running Out of Time”, is tame and fulfilled with antics that can please the listener more or less.

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