Pokemon Detective Pikachu TCG Card Sets Review

“Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” was a major successor when released early in the summer of 2019. Prior and even after it’s release across the globe, fans would not only get the chance to witness the very first live action Pokemon film, but accompanying merchandise as well.

Of course since the very beginning of the Pokemon franchise would be trading cards, from the trading card games, along with video games and anime too. But with this version, which was based off a video game stand alone title “Detective Pikachu”, the movie would follow this story line to a point. Film’s take being very humorous, graphics thrilling, with all else being exclusively exciting.

But the film would be the main event of course, but the Pokemon TCG or trading card game, would be the products tied to the motion picture, showcasing a lot of the Pokemon creatures, fans around enjoy so much in an all new CGI way! Most famous would be icon Pikachu along with other memorable characters like Charizard and Mewtwo, and Greninja. A lot of these character creatures being included in exclusive “case file” sets, with exclusive booster packs of the trading cards, cards and coins.

The cards come in a very nice decked out box, with the Detective Pikachu and Pokemon logo, and the characters in the CGI format. Some of these sets consisting of giant cards, with others being the standard sized cards. Each one of these sets though, looks very captivating and eye popping upon the color scheme, and overall tone that brings the Pokemon brand to real life.

The price range can go from $9.99 to $24.99 roughly, available online and local retailers like Walmart, Target, and Game Stop stores. Surely any Pokemon fan would be pleased with adding one if not all of these sets, among other merchandise to their collections for sure. Pokemon as a whole will not be fading away anytime soon, and with this live action kick starter of the Pokemon brand to keep it breathing thus far, more films and even grander merchandise will follow easy.

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