Ian Hendrix – Episode 3 Dispirited

Up-and-comer Ian Hendrix has an episodic series of tracks including his most recent titled "Episode 3 Dispirited". The song with accompanying video features some nicely done animation work. It consists of not just 2D effects but some 3D CGI as well.

Making the whole piece come together full circle as it were. This creates an elemental tone that is very futuristic yet entertaining. The story fulfilling the music video's aspect is indeed Sci/fi based except more settle than anything else. It is a mere story of a female in search of something, as she travels the outer space reaches until coming across said item in question. Putting together the effects of this music video and the music with it, really captures an essence that makes it just pop out. The tone of the music is pop styled with some methods of electronic too.

The combination of these genres just has meaning, creating this overall creativity that can be enjoyed and heard with please. In other words, the music and the accompanying music video work well together, the video showcasing a story, whereas the music builds off it, making it work out through and through.

As an artist Ian Hendrix has talent and raw emotion in his work and craft that is music. Surely the other episodes within this series of his, will only develop and ever so grow more, than ever with these few pieces being just the start of perhaps even something more greater with his music skills becoming more.

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