Los Angeles-based band, Angelspit are thrilled to announce their new 13 track album "BANG OPERATIVE" is Kickstarting now!

Angelspit’s 8th album BANG OPERATIVE is inspired by the early Synthwave sound of 1978-1981 – dragging you into a psychotic, unstable future. Dark and dense with luscious sonic clouds – thick as smog. Disturbed synths, harsh pounding drums and lo-fi samples.  PLUS several tracks feature English vocalist Cherry Bligh.

This album is a compilation of tracks released through Angelspit’s Patreon. Using the feedback from the Patreon members, the tracks have been re-worked and re-mastered. Patreon members who have given $25 or more through Patreon will receive a free copy.

Check the Kickstarter for details:

Angelspit is an Industrial strength Hellectro outfit who has released 15 studio albums and over 100 remixes for bands such as Ministry, KMFDM and Twizid. After producing everything from dystopian future pop (Lorelei Dreaming), to 8bit techno riot (Hardcore Pong), to electro queen pop (May May Graves).

This project is supported by Dark Star Fusion and Raphaelle Ziemba.

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