Along Came A Spider – Galaxy Eyes

"Galaxy Eyes", is the first piece of new material in 3 years time from Ohio up and comers Along Came A Spider. This track is not just a single at choice, but one to come off their yet to be titled or released third full-length album!

The track is accompanied by a music video which was shot completely by mobile device A.K.A. cell phone! Indeed true Along Came A Spider shot the entire music video piece with their cell phone, each of the band's members taking part, editing, shooting, producing, recording, the whole ordeal conducted by the band themselves. It was no wonder the band had to ask the question "Can you film an entire music video on your smartphone?" It was done by them, it has been said and done and it's finalization is quite crafty and unique. It may be like a lot of other "band performance" clips but with add-on's that make it more creative of sorts. The added effects brings that 90's era to focus with several kaleidoscope graphics adding that extra flare of tightness.

Aside from the music video craftsmanship though, the actual track is very similar to that of The Word Alive, Linkin Park, mixed in with other acts ranging from Escape The Fate or Of Mice and Men. It has that given heaviness with under tones that bring forth this originality that is sharp and hits all the right points. Vocals for instance are clean cut, no screaming antics added, but the vocalization is so crisp it adds more energy and phrase, whilst the instrumentation is more give or take, adding elemental forces that just captures those acts mentioned prior.

Tossing it altogether just creates something modernized yet truly original and very unique. Along Came A Spider’s styling is just tops. Making all the right grooves and moves in it’s tone, with very well crafted put together music video; that has a solid long lasting single no will forget.

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