Panteón Rococó - Infiernos

Panteón Rococó took their time upon their ninth all new album titled "Infiernos". An unreleased album that truly demonstrates how much their creativity has come along over the years. Consisting of 11-tracks, that bring forth their sound that is Latin music mixed with Ska, thus creating "Latin Ska", a uniqueness filled with energy, humanity, and pure attitude that is utter joy throughout. Take for instance tracks like "Miradas", "Infiernos", "Soy Peligroso", and "Deja Vu (Tonantzin)", these capture that essence of energy, attitude, and the like, with such angst and pride it is unstoppable at times. Panteón Rococó has created a styling that is unique and original, very vivid and captivating really. It has that energy again, that fills the ears, entertaining very likely but may not capture the craziness of say a mosh pit rush, but leaves in the fun nonetheless. "Infiernos", is just an album complete with lots of music that grips you upon hearing it. The craftsmanship is chalk full of such power and again that pride, you can tell how so much was put into it all. It taking so long, six years is a major factor as well. It was well worth the time of waiting that is for sure. In the long run, this release is one that will not disappoint the listener but enlighten them. Panteón Rococó’s tenth album to come, will likely bring their music full circle, expanding an even greater growth in style and sound, only time will tell for sure.

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