Dropout Kings Speaks Of Singles, Album, and Much More!

DROPOUT KING a six pack of the music kind, will be releasing their debut full-length album "AudioDope" this late summer! Prior to that happening though, they have released a few singles from that release one titled "Scratch&Claw" and"Going Rogue". Besides all of this content of releases, the band is also out on the road as we speak! Find out all that was spoken with us, about this band, from their single's, to the album, shows, touring and more!

1. What has Dropout Kings been up to so far this year?

We've been super busy this year! We finished our debut a;bum "Audiodope" and currently are on a U.S tour with Otep!

2. Help us get to know a little bit more about the band. How did you meet and get started in Metal?  What’s your story?

We've all pretty much been friends for a long time now, being in different bands with each other over the years. My favorite thing about this band is we're all actual best friends.

3. "AudioDope" is your debut album, what was the recording process like for this release?

We basically went to the studio with some demos and really tried to hone in on what we were going for. A lot of weed got smoked and fun times were had. Resulting in this monster album!

4. Which band musically introduced you to the metal gnere?

I'd say Linkin Park and System of a Down mainly.

5. What about your songs, what sort of topis do they cover?

We really try to make our songs super relatable. Kind of like for the "everyday" person. I write about things I've been through and also the stuff I like to do. I want people to feel like they know me when they listen to it.

6. You have released two singles "Scratched&Claw" and "Going Rogue", tell me about these and why were they picked as singles for this album?

There's actually 3 out. The first one is called "NVM" but basically these were chosen because we felt like they were uniquely us and because those riffs SLAP! "Scratch and Claw" was actually the first song we ever worked on

7. Will there be any other tracks taken from this album to be made into singles as well?


8. What is it that you want people to take away after hearing this debut album "AudioDope"?

I want people to realize that in music and in life the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself.

9. So what has been like being out on the road as of lately, any strange or occuring stories you want to share?

It's been amazing. Nothing weird has happened, but so far our van has broken down twice and we couldn't play the first two days of the tour. Also, now our AC doesn't work, so that's cool too. lol!

10. What could one expect from a Dropout Kings show?

Expect to bang your fucking head and prepare for riffs that SLAP!

11. What do you do to get ready for a show?

Pretty much play Pokemon before I go on stage. Smoke a cigarette and some weed. That's usually my ritual.

12. How do you promote your band and shows?

I promote a lot on social media. It's a strong platform and I try to explain to everyone just how important it is.

13. Plans for the rest of this year are to do what?

I want to tour a lot off this album and my plan is to make this the biggest metal release of the year! We want to takeover.

14. Anything else you want to say or add on?

If you guys could help support us by pre-ordering our album that would be amazing! Thanks for listening and PLEASE, if you do anything in your life, make sure its something your heart wants. It'll make your life so much better.

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