One Ok Rock Turned Hollywood into a Japanese Fun Fest!

Japanese go getters One Ok Rock or stylized as ONE OK ROCK, pronounced in Japanese for those wondering as "one o'clock", is an act that has been doing their thing for the past 12 years and counting. The band consists of Takahiro Moriuchi, Toru Yamashita, Ryota Kohama, and Tomoya Kanki. This foursome have released eight full-length albums, a number of EPs and singles, as well as DVDs to top it off. That said though, they have of course played shows as well as toured, coming over to the U.S. of A a handful of times now. This would include tonight, for their appearance in Los Angeles County out in the city of Hollywood in Southern California.

The band took the stage at The Hollywood Palladium, who ended up selling out tonight's performance, which had a capacity of about 3,400 people, so it was quite the sight to see, once everyone who had been waiting outside for about 5 hours if not longer, made it in, the stage area itself, was filling up as time struck the clock, to 8PM. The band was set to kick things off, around 8:15PM this night. Once the time struck the mark as said, the band of course took the stage. The lights dimming to black, as the stage lit up, each member walking into the stage; as the band kicked things off with opening number "Taking Off", following up with "Take Me to the Top", and "Cry Out", finishing up their opening number set-up.

During this trio of tunes, the singer Takahiro Moriuchi, really kept the energy flowing, as he ran back and forth going from one side of the stage, to the other side of the stage, to jumping off the mini platform set up for him, he just kept everyone there on their feet. He even called out for a circle pit, a mosh pit, where people push one another, but a circle pit is where a gap is open and people run in a circle, plain and simple pretty much. In any case, a pit was perfected, while the band continued onward with their set, singing such songs as "Hard To Love" an acoustic song, as well as other songs not sung in acoustic format, like "Mighty Long Fall". "American Girls", "Bedroom Warefare", and "The Beginning", just to name a few. A handful of the songs off the band's set list consist of one's featured upon their latest releases "35xxxv" (2015) and "Ambitions" (2017).

Throughout the band's performance, fans pulled out cell phones, glow sticks, and other gadgets with lighting capabilities, waving them from side to side, if not in a circular motion or up and down motion, everyone there, was indeed having a good time, and enjoying themselves for sure. During the performance the fans on the jammed packed floor section, tried numerous times of creating miniature mosh pits, and even a wall of death, directed by the singer, but trying was what counted the most, and the fans gave it what they got, as others around them, pushed around, and just jumped up and down in place.

All in all, One Ok Rock, did their thing tonight, out at The Hollywood Palladium, and it brought in the crowd more so than expected. Easily captivating new and old fans alike, as their stage presents brought on the fun, energy, and pure on adrenaline rush of the Japanese rock n' roll culture experience.


1. Taking Off
2. Take Me to the Top
3. Cry Out
4. Deeper Deeper
5. Clock Strikes
6. Decision
7. Hard To Love
8. Bedroom Warfare
9. The Beginning
10. I was King
11. Take What You Want
12. We are
13. Mighty Long Fall
14. American Girls

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