ElectroNobody Strikes Back with New Music!

ElectroNobody is a hybrid musical project created by Russian musician Vladimir Stepanov. The project arose from nowhere and its debut release broke all existing boundaries between various music genres, what brought to live ElectroNobody’s personal music style, which can be described as unexpected but yet organic and breathtaking fusion of rock and electronic music.
Vladimir is not afraid to mix something that no one before him dared to blend and because of that sound of his project is truly unique and every single composition is literally a breakthrough, especially for the CIS music world.

Despite the fact that his musical career began not so long ago, Vladimir has already had numbers of collaborations with various gifted and famous musicians. He worked with extremely talented American producer Josh Money (who was the part of music label FIXT, which was created by worldwide famous multi-instrumentalist Celldweller), Minsk based videogame and TV music composer Maks_SF, singer Courtney Lee, who is known for her collaboration with Varien and Nicky Romero, and many others.

New release of ElectroNobody is called "Nation of Cyborgs" and it's out now via Polygon Records company (the largest and the most influential rock-music label in Russia and CIS). "Nation of Cyborgs" is a reissue of previously released self-titled EP with major improvements of all the tracks and two brand new songs on board.

This is the album that is definitely going to settle in your ears for a long time and it is undoubtedly a perfect choice to be included in your gaming playlist!

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