Mercy Isle - Undying Fire

Symphonic metal was always that style of metal, that would have a ton of copy cats, from Nightwish to Within Temptation, among others like Epica, Katatonia, and Lacuna Coil. It got to be a bore after sometime, until another act within this genre came into the mix, calling themselves Mercy Isle with their latest album release titled "Undying Fire".

This album consist of 10-tracks, a mere minimum if you ask me, when it comes down to it though, is it worth the 10-tracks it holds, well indeed yes it does. It is worth the time and effort of listening too, including having not one but several enjoyable songs, that include such as “Uncaged”, “If I Could”, “Stop, Kiss Me”, “Come to Me”, and “The Ghost”. Are the one's worth really giving a listening too, just because they sound so stunning and memorizing, it's uncanny how well the music, vocal chords, and lyrical context, all work so well together.

That being said, this album as a whole, may capture what those other acts before these guys have already done, but when it comes to Mercy Isle themselves, they are their own thing, the band works well together, having this album sound well crafted and a solid piece of work. It just works really well that you won't get tired of bored of it.

Mercy Isle's “Undying Fire” is a mixture of material that brings out a fresh sense of style to the symphonic metal genre, having these guys take it into their own hands and craft it to their will, building it into something that is them.

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