Moscow is the Queen Of Sin

Russian rocker Moscow just released a new single and video for the song called "Queen Of Sin". She has plans on releasing new music with other plans on playing shows and touring, with so much more! Find out what was said from our chit chat below.

1. Can you introduce yourself, telling us who you are and what role you play in Moscow?

I am Moscow, so I guess I play an inherent part in it. It's also the name of the band which I put together with talented young musicians.

2. What is Moscow, is it a band or something done as a solo artist? Why did you want to go with calling yourself Moscow, what representation does it have behind it.

I was never attached to my real name. In school, I always had nicknames that people referred to me as. Back in Russia, I was called Tzaritsa Of Rock because right after I got involved with the rock scene back there, I proved that I can go harder, faster and higher than most of the rock guys... also let me say I was quite young at the time but no one to this day knows how young. After I moved out of Russia, I realized it's quite hard for an english-speaking person to pronounce 'Tzaritza'. Ironically, my ballet teacher in New York whom I adore to this day, Chad Austin, was bad with names so he came up with nicknames for each of his students. He started calling me Moscow thanks to my attitude, behaviour, and probably the fur coats that I was wearing daily. BOOM - I can't think of a better one, it fully resonates with me, and I’ve thought of myself as Moscow since then. Moscow represents attitude (let's be honest, Russians don't have the nicest reputation), class (something the rock scene has been missing for a while now), as well as beauty of the outside and depth of the inside.

3. How would you describe your music to those who may have never heard it before.

My music is somewhere in between Motley Crue, Asking Alexandria, and early Madonna. I'm here to bring rock back to mainstream music. I strongly believe that history repeats itself, so if you want to be the future - look back to your past and bring a little twist to it. What happened to the rock Kings like Robert Plant or Steven Tyler when they were ruling the world, speaking to the generations of kids. As Lemmy said - "If you're going to be a fucking rock star, go be one. People don't want to see the guy next door on stage; they want to see a being from another planet. You want to see somebody you'd never meet in ordinary life."

4. Why should people go forth and check out the music you create, what makes you stand out above the rest out there.

Simply because there isn't anything like that yet. I don't like female rock chicks and never did. Maria Brink would be the only exception I believe - beautiful, powerful, great singer and performer - but all my heroes were always men. I also think of myself as 'one of them’. It's always been easier for me to understand and I was always surrounded by male friends. Let's just say I'm a woman with a mentality of a man. Sex is what most female artists miss. It's time to bring rock from it's knees and go big with it - that's why I'm here.

5. Do you write your own music? What are your songs about?

I do write my own music, but mostly lyrics. I love words. It's about what's bothering me, what I want to share with people at the moment. I write a lot about life/death, addictions, heaven/hell, how one is everything one really needs in life, how society or religion imposes views on people, etc. Sometimes I write about men. I love men.

6. Who are your musical influences and how do they influence you in what you do?

My influences in music are as wide as it gets. I may be a messy person, but when it comes to my iTunes I'm ridiculously precise - all of the songs have covers, lyrics, year of the release, producers, etc. You can find anything from Adriano Celentano to Linkin Park to Disney's Hercules. Motley Crue is one of my all time favorites for sure. I moved to Los Angeles because of them. I was raised on classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones. I love blues - the roots of rock'n'roll - Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly. When I moved to California and met people like Danny Worsnop or Craig Mabbitt, I started listening to post-hardcore a lot. Because of my musical theatre background, Broadway music also speaks to me - harmonies are everything. Nu-metal is what I've been really into for the past few weeks - Papa Roach and 'Meteora', 'Hybrid Theory' by Linkin Park are on re-play 24/7. But I never created idols for myself, the only idol I have, as egotistical as it sounds, is me... the best version of myself. That way you always have to perfect and better yourself, never comparing yourself to anybody else, because at the end of the day you can't be anyone you're not.

7. You have written and recorded a single for the song called 'Queen Of Sin", can you discuss said song for us.

"Queen Of Sin" is the first single we're going to release. It's a 'hello world, this is Moscow' kind of song. On the surface it's all about the Queen of Sin who can do it hotter and badder than anyone but the original meaning underneath is that one is their own god and their own devil. Why can anyone tell you what is good and what is bad, what is sinful or what is not. You can't live your life in a constant fear that some higher power will punish you for what you've done. YOU are in charge. Listen to YOUR morals, listen to YOUR queen of sin.

8. You also took said song and turned it into a video, what is the video behind "Queen Of Sin" all about.

Yes, the music video for QoS is going to be released early January. We shot it with Dale 'Rage' Resteghini, who has worked with many musical acts like Escape the Fate, OT Genasis, Guns n Roses, etc. I insisted on shooting it at the infamous Whisky A Go Go - the iconic place that was there when rock was being born, stood strong at the debauchery days of the 80s, and now it's time for Moscow to give it a new lease of life. Also, the showcase we're doing on February 6th is also going t take place at the Whisky A Go Go.

9. Will this song be included on an upcoming EP or full-length release, where can we find this song and pick it up for ourselves.

This song and 2 more will be available through Spotify, Apple Music, etc. soon. Also, some great merchandise pieces will be available through the website that is launching soon.

10. What else can we expect to see from you, for this upcoming year, shows, touring, music, what is on your planned agenda.

We're having an open showcase at the Whisky A Go Go on February 6th with some surprises coming your way. We're definitely planning on recording more material and playing more shows this year. In the mean time, look out for more music to drop, music video and merchandise this month.

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