The Funeral Portrait's Lee Gives a Moment of Silence

The Funeral Portrait, an act that has been around the bend more than once. Just like any other, wanting to get their name in lights, sharing the sounds of their music that they have been making since forming sometime ago. It has all come down to this debut release from them entitled "A Moment Of Silence" released through Revival Recordings, this release as well as the band takes you story that explores such a journey it's un-telling as to where it will end up next. Frontman vocalist Lee Jennings discusses said release as well as their activity on their last touring run.

1. You guys are about wrapped up for this tour, so how was it overall for everyone that was a part of it?

Lee: I think the tour was amazing! We had some weather troubles here and there but overall it was a great tour!

2. Have you noticed the economy affecting your tour attendance or merch sales?

Lee: Honestly I think the scene as a whole is starting to come back to what it was slowly after it's "crash" a few years ago! I think kids still have to watch their money spending still but the music scene is on an up and up as of lately.

3. What has been best prank you've played on bandmates or other bands on this tour?

Lee: The last day of the run we actually got on stage with our sleeping bags during Famous Last Words set and pretended to fall asleep on stage it was definitely magical.

4. Which song would you say is the one that sets things off, that just makes you and the crowd go nuts?

Lee: Besides our closer "Casanova" I think "The water obeyed the gravity" our first song of the set really pumps the crowd up for a fun night.

5. How about after this tour, what do you guys have lined-up for this next year?

Lee: As of right now just touring and starting to write towards another new record! We can't ever stop writing.

6. Way back when you were once called Cosmoscope things then changed over to The Funeral Portrait so what happened?

Lee: We were just a local pop rock band back then. We were never truly happy with the name of the band or the songs so when we started writing our new EP we saw an out with the name and a fresh start!

7. You guys then went and had grabbed the attention of Alesana's Shawn Mike who is the president of the label you are also a part of Revival Recordings, so what made him want you guys to be a part of the handful of tours you have done, let alone be a part of his label?

Lee: That's actually a good question. I guess when we were doing Cosmoscope we played around 200 shows in a little over two years and so that showed him how hard we work. I think a lot of it is hard work that we put in at the ground level of the band that made him actually give us a chance.

8. Your style combines an array of genres but one that sticks out the most would have to be the "theatrical" aspect, why take this approach with the music you create?

Lee: Our older EP was definitely more theatrical in sounding with the instruments than this new one but I think we will always be more "theatrical" than most bands because of my voice. I grew up playing in musicals / operas so I think it's just going to stick with me.

9. Speaking of music, you have now released a debut EP, and now debut full-length album, how does it feel to finally have the two debut releases off the table.

Lee: Relieved! We can finally take a breath of fresh air for a few weeks before we start grinding away at demoing out more songs! Also I could say "blessed" because we get to do what we love and that's playing shows and writing songs.

10. You went and released a single called "Meanwhile" that was not included on the EP or album, why, will we see it included on a re-release in the future?

Lee: Ah maybe... it's honestly just a stand alone story about our collectively favorite TV series "Twin Peaks" and was kind of written to keep everyone interested while we kept touring and got the songs for the "A Moment Of Silence" where we wanted them.

11. Let's discuss this new album "A Moment Of Silence" tells the story of this guy, who goes through a journey of sorts, hoping that after his death he would be let into God's presents and it's heavenly land, but doesn't come to that. So what does he find, what is the real truth within this man's tall tale.

Lee: Eternal silence.

12. Do you think this man's tale will continue in the next release for The Funeral Portrait, or is this it for his story telling, that is said on "A Moment Of Silence".

Lee: Honestly I think we are going to step back from the whole "concept record" idea for the next release but hey you never know what's next!

13. What can be said about "A Moment Of Silence" that hasn't already been said about it.

Lee: We hope everyone enjoys it the way we do! We spent almost two years working on the songs / recording / artwork / videos (while touring) before anyone ever heard it so it means the world to us!

14. How about the holiday season, how has that been going for everyone, have any big plans for the remaining holiday celebration.

Lee: We got home just a few days before Christmas and that's a little crazy for me because my family goes all out we always have the whole family in town doing stuff every day before Christmas comes but it was nice!

15. Anything else you would like to say or want to add on?

Lee: Nothing more than a thank you to the fans who made 2016 an amazing year for us! Hopefully we will see everyone on the road in 2017!

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