Disney Star Darling's Releases Book Box Set as well as Dolls with Books!

Disney's Star Darling's debut in fall 2015, launching as a book series, where the story followed an extraordinary group of twelve teenage girls, from an all girls school called Starling Academy, who have been chosen to come down to Wishworld or Earth, to grant twelve special wishes in order to save their homeland that is Starland from an evil force.

This lead to the books of the girls being made into dolls, the first 5 girls and books in the series featuring Leona, Libby, Sage, Scarlet, and Vega, these dolls featuring the girls in their signature Starland attire, while a few of them received doll releases in their Wishworld forms as well.

All of this being said, the Star Darling's dolls are receiving another "re-release". The first release was released through Justice retailers, following a second re-release through other retails from the Disney Store to Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

Now a third re-release is being made from Costco retailers, having the dolls of three of the girls, Sage, Libby, and Scarlet being sold separately, sold in their box as the doll as well as the box that goes with their story, all included in 1 box.

But that's not all, the first 8 of the 12 books in the series will be available in an exclusive box set from Costco featuring the first 8 books in the series. Both of these sets are available only at Costco locations and it's online website HERE.


8 Book Set $21.99
Doll with Book Set $14.99-19.99

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