Hatsune Miku Announces "Hatsune Miku Symphony" Live Album

Hatsune Miku will release her first ever orchestra concert titled "Hatsune Miku Symphony" having her concert be combined with that of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, known widely as Japan's oldest classical orchestra.

Hatsune Miku Symphony was held at Tokyo International Forum on August 26th, with Hirofumi Kurita as the conductor and guest appearances featuring Asami Shimoda and 40mP. The live album of the orchestra concert is currently available for international pre-order on CDJapan HERE, with the release date scheduled for November 9th 2016.


01. Future Overture / Mitchie M
02. Hajimete no Oto / malo
03. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku / cosMo
04. Romeo and Cinderella / doriko
05. Two-Faced Lovers /  wowaka
06. Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro / hachi
07. ODDS&ENDS~Kocchi Muite Baby~Tsumi no Namae / ryo
08. Starduster / JimmyThumbP

01. Meltdown–Kokoro–Daughter of Evil–Servant of Evil–Lost One’s Weeping / iroha–Torabuta-mothy–Neru
02. FREELY TOMORROW–Viva Happy / Mitchie M
03. Karakuri Pierrot–DoReMiFa Rondo / 40mP
04. Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale–Resonate–Ghost Rule / n-buna–GigaP–DECO*27
05. Senbonzakura / KurousaP
06. PoPiPo / LamazeP
07. Tell Your World / kz
08. Melt / ryo

Check out a teaser video clip HERE.

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