Social Repose - Yalta

Pop and electronic are like peanut butter and jelly, coffee and milk, or cookies with milk, okay enough comparisons especially to food. But in any case these two genre picks for Richie Guise known as Social Repose across the net, has taken his producing and song writing skills to a whole another place. Being known for him doing various videos of covers and other music projects, has crafted his creative energy to create his debut EP "Yalta".

This release takes 8-tracks including jump starter, current single and video choice for "Stand Tall" which in itself, is a solid piece of work, being very catchy, and flows well with the music going with it. While the rest of the release has some other noticeable songs like "Arctic Eyes", "Island of Yours", "Bipolar Love", and "The Demons". These other songs, are just as clever, having that same sense like "Stand Tall". They are just as catchy and easily flow with the beats of the music.

Richie really captures some other known acts within the scene, ranging from Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate to others like Black Veil Bride's Andy Biersack to even sounding slightly like Blood On The Dance Floor. Surly if your into these acts, then Richie's second persona that is Social Repose will fall upon you with ease and great take.

Social Repose's debut efforts that is "Yalta" is truly a good piece of work, it crafts a sound that can really go anywhere really, it can build up from this point, or develop into something totally different, expanding his creativity ever so further. Just takes the right amount of time and patience to see that happen is all.

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