brokeNCYDE's Mikl says this Duo is Los Locos!

brokeNCYDE have been on the a hiatus but are back and stronger than ever! That said, they have been hard at work to get their fourth album off the ground, launching a crowd funding campaign to releasing various singles leading up to the album's release, with plans to tour as a work in progress. One of the two members MIKL discusses the band's progress with the new tunes and their future.

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Mikl: Brokencyde is a duo whom consists of Seven; who raps/screams along with Mikl-Shea; who sings for the duo, also know as BC13.

2. Why did you want your name to be stylized as "brokeNCYDE" as opposed to regular format like Brokencyde? Does it matter to you how the band's name is formatted?

Mikl: We have it separated that way for those who care about band names, our music originated with dark lyrical content from being at a point of our lives where we were growing up and dealing with life situations & breakups which gave us the lyrical content to create our sound as we were growing & BrokeNCYDE.

3. You guys have been known as a duo act but when first starting out you went from a duo to a foursome then returned as a duo? What caused the formation to bounce back and forth?

Mikl: Brokencyde or BC13 was created by Seven & Mikl-Shea & began to grow with popularity and wanted to be different not only with our sound but live as well. We wanted Brokencyde to be an experience to mesh with the music aspect so we wanted to integrate synth & lighting into this project. Phat J & Antz joined which formed the furious foursome & were very fortunate to tour the world with our best friends/brothers. Now it's back to the original members Seven & Mikl-Shea that have been dropping NEW catchy in your face music every other week to get the sound back out to the world as we miss sharing the stage with them every night!

4. What will the official line-up be for the long haul? Remain a duo or return to a full fledged group? Which way do you prefer?

Mikl: We loved sharing the best memory's of our lives with our brothers but we're going to continue Brokencyde with the original members Seven & Mikl-Shea. We're forever going to be collaborating with the other two members as we're forever Family! Anybody associated from core to fans are just one big family that supports each over.

5. You had launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, seeking out $30,000 to help fund the new record. By the time the funding was over you had only raised $1, 421. What happened, why do you think, you weren't able to meet your goal?

Mikl: To be honest their are shiesty shark like people in the music business that make a good living off using bands & putting them in bad situations. So that's a situation we learned a valuable lesson on & learned to trust our gut as we've done before & do everything independently! It's also hard & a bump in the road, when it's easy to hate Brokencyde just because of the name. People are so narrow minded & people love to follow so it's easy to hate & not give something a chance. We have our core fans and we're building right back up!

6. What have you done otherwise to help get this fourth album up-and-running?

Mikl: Currently were dropping singles along with videos & plan a full length in the near future. We want to give the fans some music to enjoy & get back into the BC13 lifestyle & vibe.

7. Where are you in the process of the new album?

Mikl: We can drop an album anytime but we want to give the core fans some music most importantly and not have them wait any longer!

8. Will you be releasing this album the DIY method or through a label or that's undecided?

Mikl: We plan on doing everything independently. It's harder but worth it in the end.

9. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album?

Mikl: Brokencyde 2.0 is a more mature, fun and full of energy!

10. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Mikl: We'll be releasing news when a full length will be dropped but as of right now, everybody can listen to the new music on our soundcloud or YouTube channel. /

11. What's the story behind your new song and single "Los Locos "?

Mikl: We're Hispanic so we've always had a strong natural draw to our culture and Los locos came to be as we live our lives to be ourselves no matter what people have to say! It's beautiful to be different. GO CRAZY!

12. How about the accompanying video for "Los Locos"?

Mikl: The videos story line was essentially Bree tried to confine us and keep us locked away but we went crazy and had to take back control of the crazy Brokencyde lifestyle!

13. Why go and release a series of singles over the course of the next couple of weeks/month? What's the approach in doing such a thing?

Mikl: To give our fans what they deserve, music. Why hide it and make them wait & wait. We live to create our art so once it's done we'd rather have people enjoy it.

14. What are your current show/tour plans, if any?

Mikl: No current tours planned as of yet but are looking to start setting some up.

15. What does the next year hold for you and your band?

Mikl: The continuation of Brokencyde, dropping hot fresh music and videos along with getting back on the road.

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