Aiden's Last Sunrise Upon Los Angeles

This is the last time, this is the last sunrise! According to William Francis of punk rock metallers Aiden! As WiL puts it, this is the last time Aiden will ever play a live show, which is on their current run of "The Last Sunrise Tour" where the band has been performing their sophomore release 2005's "Nightmare Anatomy" in full swing A.KA. from start to finish. This of course has brought  quite the delight to the fan base, let alone Aiden themselves returning BUT in a different sense. While the original line-up may still be alive and well, let alone in contact with Aiden's only original member WiL Francis, he went forth and grabbed up some other musicians, guitarist Ian MacWilliams, bassist Kenneth Fletcher, and drummer Ben Tourkantonis. Whereas said, they have been playing that said album, as well as other hits including some off Aiden's final self-titled album that is resemblance to that of "Nightmare Anatomy".

In any case at the mysterious venue within the warehouse district of Los Angeles, California was the one place calling itself the Mystery Box! It being a warehouse studio place, with a small but medium sized back room with a decent sized stage with somewhat working equipment. This said, equipment kept acting up throughout the night, as openers Old Wounds began their set, only to play a couple of songs, that ended up causing around a 5-15 minute delay, where things were brought back up to speed and the band continued their set, to a pleased crowd. The band's presents of sorts, was highly entertaining, as the members interacted with the audience, while the singer, climbed upon the ceiling's offerings, hanging off like a monkey! Their set being not so bad in the long run.


After them came some British gents known as Ashestoangels. These guys crossed the pond to be a part of this touring run, and my oh my did they put on quite a show! Their energy was off the stage, as each of the members ran across the stage, going back and forth from left to right sides of the stage, while each of them each jumped if not screamed into the crowd's faces! The singer of sorts did this a lot, actually so much so that he would fall into the crowd, crowd surfing along top of them, if not he himself climbing like a monkey atop the ceiling! Their set-up was highly as entertaining as the opening acts. Except they had a more aggressive approach that just kept the energy flowing and it never seemed to let low. Surly these guys have got something to uphold and will greatly do well for themselves hands down.


Lastly this being only three, yes three acts to perform, was Aiden, headlining the night, as things got off to an exciting start as the band kick things off playing some new material, then older material, returning right back to the new and then old again! The beginning setlist was quite refreshing to hear, as all of these songs got the whole room boosting with screams, shouts, pushing, and even some shoving, if not singing along! Some of the songs sung within the first portion of their setlist including such as "Crawling Up From Hell", "New Grave", "We Sleep Forever", "Let the Right One In", as well as "Scavengers of the Damned". This all lead right into their classic sophomore album "Nightmare Anatomy" which as previously stated, they did play in full! Kicking things off with "Knife Blood Nightmare", then "The Last Sunrise" and "Die Romantic" brought back the memories that was 2004-2005 truly the middle and high school era of any of the fans within that room.


It was just pure essence of memories, rushing back to all who were there. Everyone there as a matter of fact, were into it, jumping upon one another, to jumping onto the stage, singing along, to pushing one another, just everywhere you looked everyone was embracing the emotions flowing around. Aiden didn't stop there, as the album kept being played right on through until the very end, where all was chaotic then after. "I Set My Friends On Fire" along with "World By Storm", were the hitters that brought everyone off their feet, everyone in sight, fell face first, or was atop one another, as everyone was just transformed by the music. Just everyone was so excited to hear these tracks it was truly moving to see such a reaction to such a lovable memory, that will never be missed.

Aiden's last performance was an unforgettable one and will surely be that one last sunrise that we will always treasure and always remember. Or perhaps, just perhaps Aiden will likely make another comeback to take back, the sunrise just one more time? Well only time will tell for certain.


1. Crawling Up From Hell
2. We Sleep Forever
3. Let the Right One In
4. Hysteria
5. Moment
6. New Grave
7. Scavengers of the Damned

Nightmare Anatomy (2005) PLAYED IN FULL:

8. Knife Blood Nightmare
9. The Last Sunrise
10. Die Romantic
11. Genetic Design for Dying
12. Breathless
13. Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.)
14. It's Cold Tonight
15. Enjoy the View
16. Goodbye We're Falling Fast
17. This City Is Far From Here
18. See You in Hell...


19. I Set My Friends on Fire
20. World by Storm

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