Second To Sun - The First Chapter

Second To Sun isn't your average metal band, they are metal by all costs, but their style uses purely instrumental tactics, upon their sophomore album "The First Chapter". It consists of 9-tracks, all as said, are instrumentally driven, having such songs as "Red Snow", "Me Or Him", and "The Blood Libel", being well crafted, and sounding quite interesting to say the least. If you are a fan of the pure instrumental style, then this group is for you, if you would rather have some vocal chords involved, then this may just sound styling, but isn't right for you. Again this album is in itself, a well crafted release, it has powerful in-take in its material, while the sound is heavy, raw, and emotionally driven. Second To Sun is one of those acts, that has been around for a short while, but will surely do great things. Their style for one, is just another one of those matters, that brings out the music, that really makes them click.

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