Escape The Fate - Hate Me

Escape The Fate has been around the music scene quite a bit, since their inception way back when. Since then, they have come to release their fifth album entitled "Hate Me". A release of 10-tracks that takes all of their previous material into a newer focus. In short, if your into Escape The Fate, then this album is just like the rest. It's all new material, no doubt about it, but it stays to the classic style that they have built upon since their third album "Escape The Fate" (2010) and fourth album "Ungrateful" (2013). Anything before those releases doesn't exist upon this release, which makes sense, those earlier times of the band, just doesn't live and breathe, so of course this "Hate Me" album, is more relatable to their later releases.

As far as the song offering's you get such songs as "Just A Memory", "Alive", "Les Enfants Terribles (The Terrible Children)", and "I Won't Break", are the ones that stick out the most upon this release. Each one have catchy lyrics, upbeat instrumentals, with fast pacing one's to note, just building it all up, as each of these songs, progresses if you will. The rest of the material is creative and sticks, but isn't as offering as these selective tunes tend to be.

"Hate Me", is the fifth album by an act that has beat around the music scene, for quite some time now, and will continue to do their thing, for many more years to come. For the fans of the older, earlier material 2008 back, this release doesn't cover it. This release is more of a breath of a fresh air, for a newer generation of fans, perhaps Escape The Fate will return to their earlier works in sound, on a future album? Only time will tell for certain. 

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