The Los Angeles Murderfest Version 666 Gives Update

The Los Angeles Murderfest was a metal music festival in Los Angeles County in Southern California. The festival has given several updates since it's re-carnation of coming back with it's sixth edition of the festival. The creator, planner, organizer Daniel Dismal who has handled the festival since it got started years back - has given another update on the festival's Facebook page -

"So, I feel an update is in order, especially since people keep spamming the page with ridiculous RayBan offers, loan advertisements and other shit that has NOTHING to do with the fest, the music or the fans. Anyways, I know the suspense has been building and it seems like Murderfest will never come back. It will, when the time and the venue are right. I did find a venue but then it ended up not working out due to the overall venue layout and such. I am in talks with 2 other venues as well as waiting for a new venue to open up which has multiple stages. As those of you whom have talked to me in person know, Murderfest was my baby. I worked tirelessly on it and it was the thing I brought to Los Angeles that brought me the most pride. It was never about money or status for me and once the Knitting Factory shut down I knew the fest might be over. For me, the venue is key to the fest. I want a place that will love and respect the fest just as much as I do. Yes, people got booted from the fest and there were rules at the Knit, but they were all within reason. The Murderfest was something that was bigger that what the Knit could actually hold but I liked it that way. We put together line ups that could do 2-3 times the size of the Knit but we kept it there because they loved the fest and the fans. When that right venue arises, then the fest will rise. DO NOT lose hope though. 6.66 will come, one of these venues has to work but if not, I will continue on my quest to find the proper home for this beast."

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