Bridge To Grace's Alex Discusses their Origins

Hard rock n' rollers Bridge To Grace have been doing their thing since 2012. Since then they have toured, play showcases, and released material including most recent "Origins" a collection of tracks that captures the true essence of their crafty style and skill set. Lead guitarist/backing vocalist Alex Cabrera discusses this release and future activity.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Alex: Christian and I both met at a school of rock program and we basically grew up on stage together. We actually went to record a 5 song EP and our singer quit the day before we went in to record so it was kind of a bad situation. We talked with our producer and he knew David really well and got him to sing on the songs. We loved David's voice and he loved the songs so we stole him from his other band and brought Justin with him.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

Alex: Bridge to Grace is a landmark in Roswell, Georgia, and when I was looking for a name for the band, I thought it sounded cool... Once the current lineup of BTG was formed we talked about the name and decided to keep it, because it now had a new meaning.  The name to us means a lot because we “bridged” together two different styles and sounds of me and Christian to David and Justin. So we came together to really solidify a new sound of Bridge To Grace.

3. Tell us about your thought on the local Atlanta music scene?

Alex: I'm very disappointed to hear about the Masquerade closing in Atlanta. It was always one of my favorite venues to see and play a show. It was also sad to see Project 9-6-1 go down as well. It's been rough lately as a rock band in Atlanta but I know that when a kick ass rock show comes to the city the fans still come out.

4. How would you categorize the style of the band?

Alex: I would say the style of our band is unique because we don't have just one certain style. We have many songs that get heavy but we also like to break it down a little. We try to be very diverse. Our main influences range from Three Days Grace and Sevendust to Silverchair and Soundgarden.

5. What can fans expect with “Origins”?

Alex: You can expect a very diverse album of 17 songs. It has some crazy high energy songs and some darker slower songs. I think it's got something for everybody.  It’s a great showcase for our overall sound as a band.

6. What are your expectations for “Origins”?

Alex: We just hope the fans love it and we can't wait to play the new songs for everybody. We hope they enjoy all the 17 songs, haha!  We know that is a lot to listen to – we’ve been working on this album for more than three years and we’re excited to finally share it with everyone.  It was definitely a labor of love and we really put ourselves into the music.

7. You shot a video for the single “Everything.” Is that a process you enjoy?

Alex: Yeah it was awesome. I definitely think the hours are crazy, as your trying to get a lot done in a short period of time…  But the process is fun.  The location was very cool and our director Jon King really helped us make a great visual representation of the song.

8. What does the next year hold for you and your band?

Alex: The next year will be a strong year for us – we’re working on getting some great tours and we want to be able to stay out on the road nonstop.  We are heading out this week for a short headline run in support of the new album, and then we will be joining Full Devil Jacket in September.  We have some other tours in the works but I can't announce them yet.   We will definitely be touring throughout the rest of the year and into 2016!  We hope our single "Everything" does really well and opens doors for us.

9. Where can our readers find your band on the internet?

Alex: You can find us online at the following links;

Our website is:

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Alex: That we are a real band and we’ve put our heart and souls into these songs – we love what we do!    I would say if you love bands like the ones I named before you'll be into ‘Origins”. I really hope it makes you want to see us live because I think we have a great high energy show!

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