Bullet for my Valentine - Venom

Coming at nearly 20 years together, Bullet for my Valentine have only seen one line-up change since maintaining such a solid ground since their formation. The line-up change came for bassist/vocalist the first being Nick Crandle then Jason Jay James which lead to Jamie Mathias filling in, planting himself into the Bullet for my Valentine family. As far as the band goes and their releases, the band see's themselves upon their fifth full-length album "Venom".

Since it's announcement was made the went ahead and released the first batch of singles "No Way Out", "Broken", "You Want a Battle? (Here's a War), and "Army of Noise", with the addition of "Playing God", and "Worthless" having the whole album become made available for streaming, how does it compare, differ, and come at equals with its previous four releases? Well "Venom" and it's series of singles were quite impressive and interesting to say the least. They were indeed heavy based, but do they return to the past, as the band ranted on about, saying how this release would return to the era of "The Poison" it being similar and more heavy duty?

In some cases it does maintain that formula, the guitars, bass, and drum tactics are all indeed, heavy duty, fast, and aggressive, but it's hard to really tell at times. The vocal chords, backing included, are well sung out, with the lyrics accompanying them, to be very catchy and relatable. There are a good chunk of screaming vocals portrayed here, with chorus' to boot. The whole vocal selection is covered pretty much, it sounding solid and ground breaking from all points.

As far as the songs besides the batch that was already introduced the other songs offered are good pieces to bob your head too. They like the others are heavy but more mellow drive, still having a heaviness that can be enjoyed at a more moderate level, if that makes much sense.

All in all Bullet for my Valentine's fifth full-length album "Venom", is an added addition for their extensive catalog, it falling into its proper placement of releases, to hear with the rest.

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