Winterus – In Carbon Mysticism

“In Carbon Mysticism” Winterus can provide only what other acts have done such as Behemoth and Immortal for instance. Winterus’s musical traits provide an opposite effect like taking the story of Beauty and the Beast which Winterus has chosen to use – they take the genres of black metal and death metal using this same formula.

Originally named The Ancient in 2009 the band was ready to release their debut EP “A Frozen Path” in May 2010 which leads them to get signed with Lifeforce Records and releasing their full-length debut “In Carbon Mysticism” swapping their name from The Ancient to something more demented i.e. what they go by now. So when it comes down to this full-length debut the band has developed their musical traits further than ever before increasing their blackened death metal with an atmospheric edge.

The structure they use engulfs the listener by hitting them head on with fast pacing guitar riffs with aggressive vocal chords that shutter the nerves rattling underneath the skin. “No Rest” gives this precise example while “Eternal Ghost” builds up the demonic entity hidden within.

That’s not all this album delivers for the last three tracks were recorded live and provide a crisper sound quality that makes this album intensify even further. The sound is passion based with deep lyrical aspect that makes the music terrifying yet classy. Winterus are pushing the boundaries ever so further that there is nothing holding them back.

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