Asking Alexandria - Reckless and Relentless

When interviewed late last year frontman Danny Worsnop was asked what he could discus about the upcoming release "Reckless and Relentless" they had been working on at that time, he went on to say that "It's more of a rock n' roll approach". He added that “it is not completely different but has a more progressive effect yet quite similar to what’s out right now” i.e. "Stand Up and Scream" (2009) and EP "Life Gone Wild" (2010). Well now it’s about time to put what was said to the test.

All the so-called hype that this anticipated album has made has actually made this album fall flatter than a bad cooked pancake. The generic sound that was known on their 2009 debut "Stand Up and Scream" was abandoned and their original breakdown formula is nowhere to be found. They have taken what was used and gone the more grown up approach. The breakdowns are less occupied whilst the chorus structure is put into effect more often.

Melodic tune "Someone, Somewhere", takes away those breakdowns leaving in its place a solid good song that doesn't have the band relying on certain assumptions. Now “Breathless”, adds additional breakdowns throughout having that extra effect being quite affective. "Dear Insanity", gives in to that progressive effect while the chorus structure again presents itself. Allowing "Another Bottle Down", to return briefly to their earlier works having it not do much effect. "To The Stage", exposes a Bring Me The Horizon tone having that drawback the quality altogether.

Worsnop's vocals have become less frequent as far as screaming goes, having his softer side become quite noticeable at times especially on the title track and "The Match". Percussionist James Cassells keeps time and the beat going throughout the album giving in to his unique skill while the rest of them keep a solid ground.
Asking Alexandria may have been the buzz over the course of their career and this "Reckless and Relentless" album is just that, nothing but a reckless piece that shuts out the decent quality that these guys can really withstand.

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