Silverstein - Rescue

"A Shipwreck in the Sand" (2009) was the fourth and last release via Victory Records for post-hardcore act Silverstein. Since moving on the band went on to get signed with Hopeless Records releasing an EP "Transitions" (2010) and fifth first full length "Rescue".

This release contains two songs from the EP, "Sacrifice", and "Darling Harbour". "The Artist", was the next song and music video to be released and this song packs a progressive side that was used on the "Sacrifice" tune. "Intervention" captures again the same formula that was presented on both "Sacrifice", and "The Artist", featuring a guest appearance by Counterparts Brendan Murphy, packing in that progressive tone with a side of adrenaline that keeps the music heavy and constant.

"Good Luck With Your Lives", Forget Your Heart", and "Burning Hearts", all express that ballad formula capturing that heartwarming moment. Vocalist Shane Told described the album as a mixture between "Discovering the Waterfront" (2005) and "A Shipwreck in the Sand" (2009).

“Rescue” is nothing more than your average take on what Silverstein is and will forever be about.

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