Morphine Killer - Sickening

Metal duo, Morphine Killer have completed their debut full-length "Sickening", released after two back to back EP releases "Unapologetic" and "Nightmares" released within the 2009 term. Now that “Sickening” has stricken the masses; Morphine Killer's gothic metal melodies’ has brought back a previously released track “Throw It All Away”, as well as 8 brand new tracks.

“Another Day In The Flames”, “An Air Of Disrespect”, "The Breeding Ground", and "Time To Destroy”, embed a heavier influence than  "Crack The Whip", and "It's Too Late", tend to offer. “It’s Too Late”, provides the “ballad” tune whilst “Crack The Whip”, offers a more pop gothic vibe creating an at ease moment.

Morphine Killer’s skills have improved quite dramatically on this release, going beyond what was offered on their previous releases. This is surly to improve that much more as their musical careers continue to expand and develop ever so further.

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