Margin Of Error's 'Your Life in Playback' Video Debut

Cleveland extreme metal act MARGIN OF ERROR has teamed up with FEARnet to exclusively premier their new music video for “Your Life In Playback”.  The song comes off of MARGIN OF ERROR’s most recent work, What You Are About To Witness, which conceptually looks into a serial killer and the love for his work.  Watch the “Your Life In Playback” exclusive music video premier at FEARnet by clicking the below blood red link:

MARGIN OF ERROR vocalist Travis Meyers comments, "I am more than thrilled that FEARnet will be hosting the exclusive premiere of our new music video.  Being a lifelong horror fan and the video being so extreme in nature, FEARnet and Margin of Error just seem like a perfect fit.  FearNet has welcomed us and the video with open arms and I cannot wait for the world to see it."  Let's make this music video as viral as we can, and if you post this in all relevant channels, it would be much appreciated!

Additionally, Travis is available for interview – phoner, email, whatever you’d like.  To speak with the MARGIN OF ERROR mastermind, respond to this email and I can set you up!

FEARnet – “Extreme metallers Margin Of Error inject a dose of savage horror into everything they create – from live performances to their promotional art.”  

No Clean Singing – “It’s also got a nice, evil sound to it, particularly in the vocals, and it’s a catchy piece of evility, too (“evility” doesn’t seem to be a real word, but I think it should be). Got my head to nodding, that’s for sure.” 

Alternative Revolt Magazine – “Decrypting themselves as “Deathcore”, “Epic”, and “Evil”, Margin of Error emerges from the Mid-West and impacts audiences each and every time.”

Zoiks! Online – “Hopefully the metal world takes notice. It is such a great concept record.”

Scratch The Surface Webzine – “It certainly shows enough potential for us to gladly give Margin of Error further listens.”

You can purchase MARGIN OF ERROR’s concept album at an evil price of $6.66 at their Bandcamp.  Get your fix:

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