Sun Descends Alone Releases New Single "Ardent Hearts"


The Sun Descends Alone project, by Trebol Dot, renowned for his involvement in the Spanish melodeath band Dawn Of Tears, emerges as a beacon of uniqueness in the vast expanse of music. With an enchanting shift towards gothic atmospheres, Sun Descends Alone delves into uncharted sonic territories, inviting listeners into a realm of evocative emotions.

The gothic rock project is excited to announce the release of their latest single, Ardent Hearts, scheduled for April 9th for streaming with a video on April 13th. This captivating ballad captures the dark and romantic essence of the band, offering a journey through realms of beauty and melancholy. The accompanying music video, a visual masterpiece, further enriches the song's atmosphere, adding an additional emotional layer to its sonic beauty.

Fans of HIM, For My Pain, and Anathema will find themselves immersed in the ethereal soundscape of Sun Descends Alone as they navigate through the intricate realms of gothic rock.

But the excitement doesn't end there. Sun Descends Alone has also announced the start of pre-orders for their debut album, Of Everlasting Cravings.

Supported by L'Arte Produce, an integral part of the Vault Lab association, and with distribution entrusted to Sepulchral Silence, Sun Descends Alone ensures that their debut album will reach the ears of gothic music enthusiasts worldwide.

Pre-orders for "Of Everlasting Cravings" are now available in both digital and physical formats on the L'Arte Produce Bandcamp page, while the single "Ardent Hearts" can be streamed on all major platforms.

To pre-order the album in digital and physical formats, visit the L'Arte Produce Bandcamp page here:


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