Madmans Espirit Premieres New Video at Metal Injection


"Madmans Esprit is a study of misery, looking deep into oneself, which eventually shows the reflections of society and furthermore, human nature. Why do we have to despair? Because we hope. Why do we have to die? Because we are born. Madmans Esprit is a question to all answers.

 Unlike the single’s title track 墜落 (chulag), which strongly represents the band’s depressive suicidal black metal roots, 蟻夢 (Euimong) is a power ballad influenced by other music genres.

 The song’s title, 蟻夢 (Euimong), means “an ant’s dream”, an old Asian metaphor for a hollow, vain dream. While the song is a personal vanitas to me, I wanted the listeners and viewers to find themselves through my music. In the end, we are all on a long, slow pilgrimage towards extinction. These ideas are especially expressed in the music video. The animation depicts collapsing scenes of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is where I live and it is projected onto me. Then these thoughts and images will be reflected once more on the retina of the viewers, the idea is shared and the cycle of creation and inspiration is complete." - Kyuho (Madmans Espirit)

Metal Injection writes "If you're looking for a slow-burning, beautifully animated track that strides purposefully toward the darkness throughout its runtime, this is the one for you."

Check out "Euimong" exclusively at Metal Injection here:

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