Slaughter To Prevail Brings the Crowd to Wrap-Around the Hollywood Palladium for Sold Out Show!


Russian deathcore band Slaughter To Prevail now based in the U.S. of A in Florida, the group would commence back in 2014, releasing an EP and two full-length album's, having toured in the US., Europe, Canada and Asia, but returning to the US; is where they would end up next, playing a sold out show in Los Angeles, California in Hollywood at the Hollywood Palladium.

Upon arrival all would get word that doors would be at 6PM with show time at 7PM, but as it turned out, due to a staff meeting happening at said venue, this would cause a bit of confusion, let alone delay. So fans lined up not just within the parking lot, but wrapping around the building itself, going around the back side of it, into the street practically.

Doors would open after 7PM, with everyone getting inside close to 8PM when it was all said and done, and that is when openers Kublai Khan or Kublai Khan TX would kick things off. Performing for a good 30-40 minutes roughly, the crowd embraced their presents, opening the center of the floor up, as everyone jumped, danced, pushed and shoved one another left and right. They brought the energy, and everyone there was into it. The songs were catchy for what was a metalcore, hardcore act, bringing such fierce energy and momentum it made the crowd quite pleased with the results. They would surely be an act to see again, but given this performance catching them once was good enough.





Up next would be headliner's Slaughter To Prevail, whom would take about 35 minutes to set up, making sure, and re-checking their set-up, lights, sound, gear, being sure all was well before taking center stage. When close to 9:30PM hit, the lights dimmed as the screen showed a film of the vocalist Alex Terrible talking with the crowd, getting all there pumped up, as the band each took the stage one by one. All adoring their face masks, full facial masks, of a demon creature, with a shiny glossy finish, that got everyone hyped.

For the next hour, the band would play their set, getting the crowd's energy up, as again many danced, jumped, and moved about to the beat of the music. The singer wanting the crowd to jump up and down at one point, to having them sitting on the floor to "rowing" to the song called "Viking". With other songs like "Bonebreaker", "1984", "Hell", and even a cover of "Du Hast" by Rammstein, were all quite entertaining and rather fun. The crowd enjoyed themselves, and literally wanting more, but due to some minor technical difficulties the drummer had some issues with their set-up, that even the drum tech and other tech people couldn't get it fixed. The band sadly had to wrap up their set early, only performing for an hour, fans chanted for more but more was not done.



Fans left the venue, disappointed a tad, but still content with what was provided even with the difficulties at hand. Slaughter To Prevail may be from Russia, but since basing themselves on the U.S. soil, they are welcomed, and fans new and old condemn them for it.


1. Bonebreaker
2. Conflict
3. Agony
4. 1984
5. Skull and Bones
6. Baba Yaga
7. Unrelased Track
8. Bratva
9. Hell
10. Viking
11. K.O.D.
12. Du Hast (Song Cover by Rammstein)
13. Demolisher

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