Calabrese Brings the Death Cult Tour to LA; Delivering More Newer than Older Tunes

Horror punk, a combination of sorts involving what else horror elements except with music! It has been done with countless bands most notably The Misfits, then many others followed suite including Arizona’s own Calabrese! A trio of Vampire brothers, taking their last namesake “Calabrese” as the band’s name, and being together for quite sometime. Releasing close to 10 albums, this brotherly trio would break a part into just two of the brothers, having the third move on, having his bass position being filled for the time being, as they would tour for the first time in like five years!

Last time they did a touring cycle was back in 2018, and this time they would do another touring cycle commencing it’s first stop in Los Angeles, California at the venue known as Catch One. This venue featuring several rooms with various stages. Calabrese would play in the back, performing a late night showcase taking place at midnight! A “midnight spookshow” if you will…..

The band having some minor issues tuning their instruments and setting up, did cause them to have some troubles once performing. Doing an hour long set list, having a lot of newer working’s sung, with just very few of their older and earlier working’s performed. Some covers including The Misfits “Halloween” was done, with all else being their own material, sounding good enough but older material should have been done.



The bassist filling in for the brother did do a good job, with the two brothers also doing a superb job, even a mosh pit broke out several times, with a “no moshing” signed posted, it didn’t stop the crowd from having fun, minus the security guard dragging individuals out the door. Two of the mosh pits were disabled sadly, but everyone there still danced and jumped along, if not clapping along to the beat of the tunes played. But it did appear the crowd was getting restless, the band performing quite late into the night, that even the venue turned on house lights before the band was even finished, and turning off their equipment, so that was a bit disappointing.

As such though, Calabrese’s first night of this touring cycle was one that could have been better. Previous years, their performance was intense, interactive and more fun. Tonight’s performance was fine, but their music could have had more mix-ups with earlier works, getting the motion moving more or less. Otherwise they are an act that should not be miss, but hearing earlier workings is best, with newer material being not bad either.

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