Ghost Wraps the Re-Imperatour with Two Night Show in LA at The Forum


Two nights, two shows, is what Swedish band Ghost had wanted to do out in Los Angeles, California in the city of Inglewood out at The Forum. On September 11th and the 12th back to back, they would take their guests back in time! For both nights would literally be as if we were back in the 70s to 80s era, where no social media existed, no cell phones that much around, and everyone was there for the music and communication with one another really. That is what tonight the second night of September 12th was all about.

Doors opening at 6PM with fans lined up around the venue doors, entered the Terrance area, where you could buy drinks, talk, use the bathroom and buy merchandise. Once heading inside is where you could buy food, more merchandise and find your seats or head down below to the floor. Arriving sometime later in the evening, getting there a little after 7:30PMish, the band would luckily not go on until 8PM sharp!

But upon walking in, everyone was admitted to submit their cell phones into little safe pouches for the ENTIRE performance, no recording whatsoever. So no social media posting at all as well. Once all phones were locked up, everyone found their ways inside, then once the time hit 8 on the dot, the covered sheet would screen a video of the band’s arrival via van, then the guitarist followed by the rest of the band would appear on the stage.

For the next 2 and a half hours, with about 21 songs played, the band would bring the rock n’ roll alive for whole time frame. Performing with flames, fire works, lightning effects, and lots of surprises would get the crowd overjoyed. During "Twenties" featured skeleton dancers, while "If You Have Ghosts" being a Rocky Erickson and the Aliens cover track, had a tour debut with two cellos and piano, Cumulus: background vocals/counterpoint melody on the mini side stage known as the B Stage. With other numbers like "Call Me Little Sunshine", "Spillways", "Dance Macabre", and "Square Hammer", to name off just a few, that stuck out that were performed rather nicely. The rest of the tracks performed did the job, kept the energy ever flowing, with lots of cheers, excitement, and never ending applause. 

Being taken a back with no use of cellular devices, it did feel different but felt nice as well. The band’s performance was outstanding, with lots of effects, awesome music, with lots to go around. Thus filming said back to back shows, was a good part on the band’s behalf, being able to capture the nights that all could remember without social media being the number one factor in everyone’s lives. But remembering the music, for the music and being there as a whole, embracing what life has to offer while you have it available.


1. Kaisarion
2. Rats
3. Faith
4. Spillways
5. Cirice
6. Absolution
7. Ritual
8. Call Me Little Sunshine
9. Con Clavi Con Dio
10. Watcher in the Sky
11. If You Have Ghosts
12. Twenties
13. Year Zero
14. He Is
15. Miasma
16. Mary on a Cross
17. Mummy Dust
18. Respite on the Spitalfields
19. Kiss the Go Goat
20. Dance Macabre
21. Square Hammer

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