Cannibal Corpse Brings the Gore to LA for a Sold Out Show!

Three years it’s been since last seeing death metal legends Cannibal Corpse. Having caught them on the east coast run of Slayer’s farewell tour in the summer of 2019. And before then, hadn’t seen them since years prior. But now that some time has gone by tonight would be the night of pure carnage! The Wiltern Theater would become a sold out venue for Los Angeles, California. The headliner’s being the obvious, with the opener’s being a co-headliner with Dark Funeral and other acts such as Immolation and Black Anvil. 

Arriving at the venue in legit timing close to 7PM, would bring Black Anvil to the front, having their performance be fierce yet heavy. Their styling being purely black metal with some heavy metal thrash elements thrown in. Like their sound was heavy duty, raw, and dark. The crowd present was pleased with the results of these opener’s, being entertained throughout their set. Being slowly introduced to the various colors and shapes that would follow suite, while also hearing such songs as "The Bet", "8-Bit Terror", and "Grant Us His Love". Pure and simply the band kicked ass and surely are one to see again.



1. The Gates of Brass

2. In Two

3. The Bet

4. 29

5. 8-Bit Terror

6. Grant Us His Love

7. Castrum Doloris

Next up would be death metal band Immolation and they would make the crowd cheer from all sides of the venue. Their setlist consisted of such tracks as "Swarm of Terror", "Burial Ground", "When Halos Burn" and "Let the Darkness In". Now their set went rather quickly it appeared, as they hit he stage and were soon off the stage. But nevertheless, their stage presents provided great energy with a solid performance that kept everyone cheerful through and through really. Plus let it be said, that Immolation’s lighting work, and set-up brought on the education of shapes literally. Noting that their banner’s and again with lighting featured such shapes as triangles, squares, circles and rectangles. 



1. Abandoned

2. An Act of God

3. The Age of No Light

4. Noose of Thorns

5. When the Jackals Come

6. Overtures of the Wicked

7. Burial Ground

8. Shed the Light

9. Of Martyrs and Men

10. When Halos Burn

11. Let the Darkness In

Now would be the co-headliner’s Dark Funeral, a Swedish black metal band whose time together is nearly 30 years together. This being one thing to keep in mind, as their setlist contained 10 tracks, “Hail Murder”, “When I’m Gone”, “Let the Devil In”, “Open the Gates”, and a secret of sorts with the track titled “The Secrets of the Black Arts”. During their set the band would make use of the lighting effects, having them change a variety of colors, red, orange, pink, black, green, yellow, purple etc. So you can say you learned your colors by checking out an act such as Dark Funeral, whose performance overall was moving yet crowd pleasing.



1. Uncahin My Soul

2. Hail Murder

3. Leviathan

4. My Funeral

5. The Secrets of the Black Arts

6. Open the Gates

7. When I'm Gone

8. Nail Them to the Cross

9. Let the Devil In

10. When Shadows Forever Reign

Last up would be headliner’s Cannibal Corpse, whose status as a whole is legendary. From start to finish with some minor breaks in-between tracks sung, would be a non-stop corpse fest that had a wide range of tracks from the band’s extensive catalog of works. Thus including “Fucked With a Knife”, “I Cum Blood”, “A Skull Full of Maggots”, “Kill or Become”, “Unleashing the Bloodthristy”, and “Hammer Smashed Face”, to name off just a few out of the close to 20 tracks performed tonight. The whole band brought full force entertainment, with no stopping whatsoever really, the frontman Corpsegrinder would entertain himself along with the crowd cracking jokes here and there. But with such a performance as his own, it was flawless yet brutal by the end of the night. Cannibal Corpse being the one to teach us about the human body, skeletal features and lots of blood, guts, and gore!


All in all though, this touring cycle would be wrapping up, having made Los Angeles a stop, that would be a sold out performance, with a mash up of death metal and black metal bands that would teach us a thing or two. 


1. Scourge of Iron

2. The Time to Kill Is Now

3. Inhumane Harvest

4. Code of the Slashers

5. Fucked With a Knife

6. The Wretched Spawn

7. Gutted

8. Kill or Become

9. I Cum Blood

10. Evisceration Plague

11. Death Walking Terror

12. Condemnation Contagion

13. Necrogenic Ressurection

14. Unleashing the Bloodthristy

15. Devoured By Venom

16. A Skull Full of Maggots

17. Stripped, Raped, and Strangled


Hammer Smashed Face

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