Insinistra Releases New Single

Czech Symphonic Metal band Insinistra released their new single "Gates of Oath". The release was mixed and mastered by Alexander Ponomarev, and it's the second single from the band's upcoming full-length album. This song, accusing tyranny and violence, is full of rage and protest. 

Check out the single linked below:

Insinistra was formed in 2018 and these days based in Prague, Czech Republic. Founders and leaders of the band are a vocalist Maria Ponomareva which is responsible for songwriting and orchestrations and a drummer Alexander Ponomarev who writes powerful metal arrangements and adds some horror spice with his beast growl. The music of the team combines Western and Eastern musical traditions and besides the usual heavy riffs and symphonic arrangements you can hear unexpected instruments such as organ and bouzouki. Lyrics themes are philosophy, spirituality, mysticism, religion, society, politics and psychology.

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