Ladybeard's Discussion of An Adorable Assault on the Senses A.K.A. BABYBEARD!

Australian stunt actor, professional wrestler, singer, and YouTuber is LADYBEARD! His persona as the crossdressing bearded self, being the vocalist for his former band Ladybaby along with his other band Deadlift Lolita. Since his move from down under to across the globe though, Ladybeard has been focusing upon different things at the moment, including an all new musical act called BABYBEARD. Here is where Ladybeard discusses this all new act, as well as details about where he got started with his persona, his music career and the goals art thy be WORLD DOMINATION!

1. Introduce yourself, tell me how did Ladybeard come to be as a musician?

LB: My name is Ladybeard. I’m a cross-dressing pro-wrestler, heavy metal singer and kawaii idol from Australia, now based in Japan.

2. Where did the idea of cross-dressing come into play and did it infuse with the music or you being a pro-wrestler?

LB: I started cross-dressing when I was 14 years old. A friend held a school uniform party for her birthday, and I thought it might be funny to wear my big sister’s school dress to the party. I did, and was a hit amongst the other 14 year old's. I then became a casual cross-dresser for many years, then finally when I started wrestling and when I  was organizing my first match, I told the company owner that I would wear a pink and black lolita dress in the ring and be called Ladybeard.

3. Now Ladybeard is living in Japan but you're an Australian as well, so were you born down under then came out to Japan or what's the story?

LB: That’s right, I was born in Australia and grew up there, then moved to Hong Kong where I was an actor, voice actor and stuntman, and that’s where I started my Ladybeard career. I then moved to Japan in 2013.

4. You have not only been involved with Ladybaby but Deadlift Lolita as well, are those projects still active or deactivated?

LB: Ladybaby no longer exists. Deadlift Lolita still exists, but Reika(my band-mate in that group) and I are focusing on different things respectively at this moment.

5. Does this all new project have a name to it, it does return to the formula that was Ladybaby's era, having the music made by the same team, so do tell?

LB: That’s right! The songwriters who made Nippon Manju, my first single with my old group, made the first 2 songs for Babybeard! This is very exciting as they are musical geniuses and I have wanted to work with them again ever since Nippon Manju. Expect some VERY catchy tunes from BABYBEARD!

6. How many songs have you written and recorded thus far, you plan to release some at the end of April of this year, please do discuss these songs for us?

LB: We’re releasing our first single “Nippon Kara Konichiwa”, along with  “PIENNIZER” at the end of April! The songs both start streaming on April 28! Everybody.... GET AMONG IT!!! These tracks are gonna make you dance and scream!!!

7. With the variety of projects prior Ladybaby, Deadlift Lolita, and now BabyBeard, would we ever see the trio of acts perform a show or perhaps tour together?

LB: Well, never say never I guess, but no plans for anything like that right now.

8. Being a pro-wrestler will that be incorporated into BabyBeard as far as performances or songs?

LB: Well, we’ll have to wait and see. Just about every time I get onstage to sing, some other wrestler takes issue with me and decides to invade the show and try to beat me up. I always need to dispose of the unexpected interruption, and then finish the show. I suspect it’s highly likely that wrestlers will continue this trend in the future....

9. Out of the trio of members who would win in a wrestling match?

LB: Kotomi. She’s a KILLER! YOU CAN SEE IT IN HER EYES!!!đź‘€

10. What are your goals for the future as a band?

LB: What would they be other than WORLD DOMINATION!!

11. How about the plans for the rest of 2021?

LB: We’re desperate to get onstage, and tour. Being physically together with the fans is the part of this job that’s really, really enjoyable and rewarding. That said, we’re working as hard as we can in these early days of the project to bring Babybeard to as many people as possible around the world through the miracle of the internet. Physical distance is no longer a barrier to access!!

12. Thanks for the interview, please provide us on where our readers can find you and your music online?

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