Fear Incorporated - Of Nightmares And Strychnine

During the summer of 2020 Fear Incorporated went on to not only write but record an all new album titled "Of Nightmares And Strychine". The 12-track release consists of the usual formula that Fear Incorporated is known for, take alternative, goth, industrial, dark wave, post punk, with some theater thrown in for good measure. It's been provided across the array of content released through the years. One of the tracks is dedicated to someone named Steven C Davis from GASP (The Gothic And Progressive Steampunk Show), who has been around promoting the band for quite sometime. The track being titled "The Djinn", this number being quite interesting. The vocals are downright eerie yet captivating; whilst the instrumentation is more or less just noise but it has a tone that keeps it creepily entertaining. A few of the other tracks off this release like “Red Baron”, “Possessed”, “The Mortician”, and “Troll”, are probably some of the more interesting to say the least. These assortment of tracks just provide such an interesting tone of art, it’s hard to depict how to really describe them. Some are brief others linger onward, with the remainder being present. It’s an album that captures a style of sound that brings remembrance to the mind and the ears. It’s how most if not all of Fear Incorporated’s works tend to work out in the long run. Let it be remembered after being heard all the way through.

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