Suicide Silence Goes Virtual for 2020 Digital World Tour; During 4th of July Weekend in Home-state California!

Who would have thought, that one little virus or in this case pandemic crisis would shut down the entire world! This is what would be the case during the era that is covid-19. A virus that had arrived slowly but surely in 2019, erupting fiercely come 2020 causing an array of events and other activities of sorts to be postponed and or cancelled altogether. Thus this lead to some artists and or bands to go on the virtual route, selling digital tickets or tickets and t-shirt combo's. This would lead Californian metalheads Suicide Silence to announce their own "Virtual World Tour", which would include unique sets, exclusive merch and custom experiences within each touring stop.

With that said, the band's first stop would take place at the start of July, July 2nd out in New York. Following this date would be a back to back set list with July 3rd featuring Boston, Massachusetts AND Los Angeles, California the band's home state! Luckily Los Angeles, California was the date stop for me, as I tuned into the live stream casting at 7PM PST! As that time had arisen so did the casting with an introduction from numerous band members, explaining what would be going down. After which, a mini teaser trailer would air revealing an upcoming DVD coming soon. This would then lead to the band's performance of an intro track titled "Meltdown", leading directly into "Two Steps", that would follow into other such Suicide Silence tracks like "You Only Live Once", "Unanswered", "Wake Up", "Disengage", and "No Pity for a Coward" a good chunk being known single's and fan favorites. Other notable tracks included would be "Slaves to Substance", "Skin Tight" a live debut and "Destruction of a Statue", a fan voted that won.

During this band's performance though would be brief intermission segments or AD's of the band parodying or cracking jokes with various skits layered through each set of tracks performed live. The skits themselves were passable and fun at times, whilst the major delivery being the actual performance segment was quite pleasing. The stage set-up provided a colorful set with lighting, the sound system being impressive yet vivid. Vocalization and instrumentals were done well enough, sounding just as it should as if the band was playing with a live audience in existence right before them in a real venue if this was a real in person type of setting. But for what it was it did provide and deliver and did a good job as such.

After the band's set the band would go on to answer some Q&A from the fans, in a virtual chat room, two of mine were answered with dismay and some delight. It was a sight to see and hear what the band had to say to the fans, addressing them with other questions during this one hour and 30 minute segment.

All in all it was worth a visual experience and likely this virtual form of entertainment could work from this point forward but nothing could ever replace being there in the flesh, letting your pours get covered in your own sweat, blood, and tears of loving the band at the stage, this one is Suicide Silence. One who has continued to move forward since the loss of their frontman Mitch Lucker.


1. Meltdown
2. Two Steps
3. You Only Live Once
4. Slaves to Substance
5. Unanswered
6. Wake Up
7. Skin Tight
8. Disengage
9. Destruction of a Statue
10. No Pit for a Coward

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