Amazing Demon Boy Reveals Name Change in Connection to New Single Made Video for "Horrifying"

Demon Boy has made recent changes, revealing his namesake to be now known as Amazing Demon Boy! This connection of sorts pairing up with the release of an all new single made music video release titled "Horrifying". This being the first single off the upcoming EP called "Curse Of The Demon", expected late this summer!

This was the first video produced on the outside by The Spector at FSF Studios. ANIVID is an animated video using components of live green screen, still photos and computer graphics, to create an effect that is truly entertaining to watch and is really unique and atistic, think back to the 90's era like video games if not something on Cartoon Network's late night block Adult Swim for instance.

Lyrical-wise features ADB songwriter Rich Orth in conjunction with Amazing Demon Boy himself! In fact, the lyrics dwell on a story of dealing's throughout the years, such as personal and professional alike, people and how all of it has come down to this, and what it means to the Amazing Demon Boy now! See how this is all laid out in an unusual Demonically yet horrifying stylistic matter from the single and video released now!

Check it out HERE.

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