Angelspit Announces New Album and Launches Kickstarter!

Loyal fanbase funds Angelspit's 2020 album "THE IGNORANCE CARTEL" in under 4 hours.

Angelspit's 9th album 'The Ignorance Cartel' is due for release in Fall 2020 and is available for pre-order on Kickstarter now! Fans and followers of Angelspit swamped the Kickstarter and funded the album in under 4 hours - largely due to an R Rated VHS Tape with content that will never be seen online.

The 14 track album is faster and heavier than previous releases. Containing distorted driving beats, earthquake inducing bass, brash lyrics, aggressive guitars and abrasive synths collide to create a monster unfit for our times.

En Tze and Zoog Von Rock team up to make artwork steeped in ancient mysticism and data-glitched symbolism. Featuring guest vocals from Brian Graupner (Gasoline Invertebrate) and Melody (Queen of the Static Opera).

Written in LA in the 12 months leading up to the Covid outbreak and produced during the turmoil of the worldwide pandemic lockdown. The album’s central concept is driven by the rise of Authoritarianism and the subtle mind-control of AI algorithms dictating what we see.

As usual, Angelspit has opted for unique merch items - including the uncensored VHS Tape and a Spiked Mask. Check all of the goods at the album's Kickstarter HERE.

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