Sangeeta Kaur - Compassion

Sangeeta Kaur has released already four full-length albums but this fourth addition is a crossover album merely titled "Compassion". How is it exactly a crossover release, while it's been created with an elaborate orchestral and the choral magic of the Budapest Studio Orchestra, it's Budapest Studio Choir and Sterling Ensemble as well. Thus forth, it's raised her signature vocal works to levels that some would call "angelic". Sangeeta Kaur is an award winning singer/songwriter and producer to top of it off, but not only is she as such, she has worked with renowned composer and producer Nicolas Neidhardt, who is featured on the piano and keyboard. Providing choral compositions is Duy Tran and Danaë Vlasse. Together this group of crafty musicians have created something that is truly as the title calls it best "Compassion".

It's an album which provides such vocal efforts that Sangeeta Kaur's voice work is just truly emotional and deeply moving really. As it comes directly from the depths of her heart and soul. Bringing that altogether with such tracks as "Rise Up", "Transcendence", "May The Long Time Sun", and "We Are One", are just the grasp of reality that is purely sung within these tracks alone. The rest off this 10-track release are just as grand except these selections provided are more captivating.

The work done by the orchestrations and the like is flawless, capturing just so much at once. Melodic tone with harmonic guidance just make this album “Compassion”, just gripping and rather stunning at times even. There are just so many ways to put this album into a variety of wording it is hard not to name off every single one of them. It’s just how magically and mesmerizing it is with the performers and entertainers makes it shine on through.

As a whole “Compassion”, is an album of sorts that Sangeeta Kaur has made possible and probably one that many will adore and cherished as well. She has certainly made a fan out of me, after hearing the play through alone. IF soft and soothing is for you then by all means feel free to check out an album that is purely a “Compassion”, in itself.

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