Paul Bartolome Talks of Nothing BUT An All New Single!

 "Heaven" featuring a guest spot from Jonny Craig is the newest single to come from PAUL BARTOLOME. He's an up and coming artist creating his own music, with some talks about his previous content, since our last chat about a year ago, down to all of the details on this new single and future planning that is ahead.

1. It has been 1 year since we last spoke, during which time you released your debut solo album "Gravity". So how has the reception been towards it?

The reception towards that record blew my mind, it was something that I really just wanted to do for fun and almost a challenge you know? To make the best  record I could and I was so particular on who worked on that record with me, the direction/sound I wanted it to have and the whole space concept. To me it was a very "Musical" album.. Lots of big instrumental parts, huge theatrical choruses and elements in the songs, I basically set out to make a movie score and that's what I think whenever I listen to that record, It reminds me of a huge Blockbuster Movie. But the fact people were so supportive of me someone  they really don't know much about musically, the whole journey and also such an outgoing project like "Gravity" meant the world to me. And I couldn't be more thankful with the reaction the record got and it definitely made me want to take this career path seriously and move forward with my Solo career.

2. Aside from this album, you are in the process of a follow-up album, what sort of details would you like to disclose about it?

All I can say is this new music is on another level to anything I've done. I feel like this is my defining moment as an artist and what will prove to people I deserve to be in this industry. I have never been more excited about music than I am right now, everything about it has been  exactly as I wanted it to be from the team of people that have worked on it, to the songs, to the visuals... I've worked so hard at making sure this is what  I want to be as an artist and I can't wait for people to hear this new music and see how I've grown in this industry in the short time I've been a part of it.

3. Off this next album comes it's lead single titled "Heaven", featuring a guest spot from Jonny Craig, tell me how did the two of you decide to work together on this track?

I hit Jonny up a while ago, it was actually in the preparation period for "Gravity" that I messaged him about a collab, He was down but at the time it never worked out due to scheduling issues which actually worked in our favour because now I couldn't Imagine him being on any of the other songs apart from "Heaven". So it actually worked out well. Jonny brought such an great vibe to the song and gave so much heart and energy in his performance that it really took the track to new heights. It wasn't  just a random feature for the sake of a name you... he actually brought something to the song that was missing, And he's an awesome dude and just around great guy so I couldn't be happier to have him on board with the track! I also had a good freind of mine that one and only "Rick Wilde" do a bunch of backing vox on the track which again just added a whole new dimension and vibe to it. I'm really stoked to have such a legend be a part of the sound and part of bringing my visions to life! So shout out to Rick for all the support and help on this new music!

4. What about the actual track itself, "Heaven", does the title have any reference to heaven or does it have a whole another meaning altogether?

"Heaven" is about being in a bad place and having that one person who can always bring you out of it no matter what. Someone who will cancel out all the bad and make you feel like a king. It's quite a simple and straight forward meaning/story to the song but effective and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it as soon as they hear it and will probably think of one person that does that for them as well. It's basically a love song but without being the typical "Ballad" style song, I wanted to do something different so I had the lyrics already written then I came up with the chord progression and then to keep it from being the typical ballad I made sure to make it an energetic Pop/Rock anthem but still convey the emotion behind it.

5. Will this track be accompanied by a music video, that being an actual video, not lyrical video etc.

No official music video for this track, but I have got the awesome guys over at Ignite Design that have done another amazing Stand out lyric video for me which by the time this is out will be up on YouTube so if you haven't yet.. What are you doing!? haha. I might have just shot an Official music video for another song though.. but I can't talk about that just yet. Only thing I will say is people aren't gonna expect that type of video or song by me, I am very excited for that.

6. Besides working on your own music, you have been doing some work with a band called Beyond Unbroken, how did this happen and how is that work coming along?

Yeah that was something really cool that kinda just came out of Me and Monte going back and forth when he was doing his feature on "Offline" and "Lost In Space" off of the "Gravity" record. We kept in contact and would send ideas back and forth and they had started writing there new record sent me a song I was digging the vibe they were going for a lot and I ended up tracking a bunch of backing vocals and some production stuff on it and sent it over to the guys and they were really feeling it, so have been doing  that for a few of there new tracks, and then one thing led to another and I ended up flying out and staying with Monte and Michael for a week and we just wrote and wrote!  It was an awesome experience, a great time and ended up with some dope tracks out of it. They also happened to be out in Arizona recording there new record a couple months later the same time I was so we got together and had a lot to drink and again just a good time, Love those guys an will always support them and be there to help out anyway I can. So shout out to those guys!

7. One of the members of Beyond Unbroken, Monte Money and you had made another project called Mirrored is that still a thing in the works?

So, "MIR?ORED" is still a thing, Monte is no longer a part of it due to wanting to put his all in to Beyond Unbroken! But it has changed a lot since we started the project but yeah.. I can't say too much about it yet, all I'll say is it's me and my best mate Ryan (which you can follow on insta @ryanthompsonmusic for all updates on the project) as a duo and it is HEAVY, he's taking care of the instrumentals and I'm taking the vox, It is by far the heaviest thing I've ever done vocals on and I'm excited to show people what we've done cos they definitely wont expect it. That's all I can say, Apart from if you like Heavy music then get Stoked.. Cos it's coming!

8. Going back to this new album, when can we expect it's release?

Again I can't say too much about it, but like I said it's a whole new direction, a whole new sound, a new feel/look, It's just Me! And everything I want people to associate with me as an artist. I've never been more excited for people to hear what I've been working on, more updates will be coming but it is worth the wait.

9. What was it like working with producer Matt Good, what did he do that you just had to have him a part of it?

Working with Matt Good was just an insane experience, to go from doing the "Gravity" record and "Goodbye to the Quiet Life" EP in my home studio all on our own to working with such a well respected, well educated in his craft an just all round awesome guy was the best thing for this project. I tracked the bonus song "Lost in Space" off "Gravity" with him in the final stages of that record, and since then I knew I had to come do a whole Record with him, he has an insane attention to detail and just knows how to take Good songs to Great songs. He really helped the development of this album and really brought my vision to life. So I owe a lot to Matt Good cos he put an insane amount of passion and hard work into these songs. So huge shout out and thank you to Matt for that. One of the best in the business right now.

10. Your debut album ended up charting the top 20, what was that like and do you think this album will do the same?

Yes that was a crazy experience in itself, I never once spoke of or even joked about the album placing in any kind of charts.. I didn't even know it had until a fan messaged me a screenshot saying how awesome it was. I couldn't believe it when I saw so me, my fiance and her brother all got on our phones went straight to the iTunes Rock charts to see and yeah there it was.. Top 20 sitting at #16 with the lead single "Unbreakable" (feat. Sophy Streater) [My fiance] sitting at #110. These might not be big or high numbers to some people these days but Damn.. I couldn't believe it and it was the first time it hit me that the hard work was paying off.. and that the fans really are supporting me through this. I couldn't be more thankful for the support for that record and for me on my journey in this industry, I love my fans and really couldn't do it without you! So thank you to everyone who'supported and continues to support me!

11. Where do you see this solo project in the next 5 years?

That's a hard one... I'm always striving to better myself. No matter how many views something gets or how many streams or sales there's always someone else out there who' got higher or done better. The moment you start hitting higher numbers or place in the charts is definitely not the time you can relax and take it easy... it's the time you work harder than ever before because this industry is so tough and there's so many amazing artists out there that you have to keep up and have to stay fresh to even stand a chance at competing.  In 5 years time I can see myself still grinding, still putting my all into everything I do and hoping that everyone still sticks with me through it all and that we gain a whole load of new people to bring along on this crazy journey!

12. What about other plans for this year, have anything you want to express?

There's a lot to come... Keep an eye on all my socials for updates but there is a lot on its way.. It's going to be a very busy and a very exciting year.

13. Any other things you want to get off your chest you want to say before wrapping up?

Just that again I'm so greatful for the support I've been and continue to be shown, and I hope you're all ready for the next chapter of my story in music, and I hope you all love it as much as I do!

14. Thanks again for this little discussion, last word and go!

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