Calabrese Announces New Album "Flee The Light", Pre-order Launches With New Song "Maleficis Visibilis" Clip!

Horror punks Calabrese have announced their seventh full-length album details which are as follows.... The album is titled "Flee The Light", and what can be said about the album is as such, "What can be said about this album without fully giving away all its mysterious secrets? I'll leave you with these four words. SATAN. HALLOWEEN. VAMPIRE. OCCULT." With that said, the tracklisting can be sound below with pre-orders available HERE.


1. He Who Flees the Light
2. Let Doom Overtake Us
3. King Prowler
4. Demonspitter
5. Pleasures of Evil
6. Maleficis Visibilis
7. Hallucinatory Void
8. And In the End...I Am Nothing
9. All the Devils In Hell
10. End of Time at the Gates of Hell
11. Invisible Witches

The album is produced by Bob Hoag with artwork and photography done by Andy Hartmark. The first of ten music videos/tracks to come is said like this....

"For the next ten weeks, we will be revealing a new chapter in the "Flee the Light" saga. Which path will you walk? Which death will you choose? These ten music videos will serve as your 10 Doors into Darkness!

This is the just the beginning. From beyond mortal space and time, the hungry dead demand the sacrifice of young blood. Hooved demons lay waiting for the endgame...

This is "Maleficis Visibilis","" found via preview clip HERE.

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