Roxanne – Like Suga

Roxanne, an Ottawa based independent singer, songwriter, artist and music producer, whose style is in short pop but with dance as well. Take for instance the club scene of the 70's and 80's and out of the many top 40 hit's of those era's and you end up with "Like Suga". This being her newest and latest piece of works, it being said to be bold, daring, and a fresh single take on the pop/dance genres.

Upon listening in you do get those vibrations of the 70's and 80's slightly, the track's music containing such momentum of energy. Whereas the vocalization provided is done clean yet upbeat in tone. The styling choice that Roxanne uses within this particular track, is familiar yet fresh as said about it already. Her ways with the beats of the music, just crafts together this mixture that makes it all work at once. Like how the vocal chords and music play off one another, the beats and voice just create this surging amount of energy that a lot of clubs would surely spin about.

The track pretty much just consists of everything, such energy, vocals that never seem to quit, and catchy harmonies with mesmerizing melodies that just bounce off everything else. In other words, it’s one of those tracks, you can easily get stuck in your head, but becomes a likable one. If at that, Roxanne as an artist with all else she does, makes this newest addition of material that more hype.

Roxanne's track and material in general sounds a lot like Debbie Gibson mixed with Cherrelle. If you dug those chicks then perhaps you could get a little into Roxanne’s take of the pop/dance genres too. Her material has so much to offer as a whole, “Like Suga”, is another one of those tracks that will be remembered and danced along with for hours on end if not years to come.

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