X-Calade Promotionz - Beatz On Blaze Instrumentals

X-Calade Promotionz is the company from rapping hip hop artist Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer, whose array of content is released quite extensively. What his company is doing though is releasing content as well, including an album titled "Beatz On Blaze Instrumentals". A strictly instrumental release of material, if the titling didn't get you the point at hand there ya go.

Anyway this release is all instrumental tracks, but some do stand out quite a bit. Like for instance take such as "Danielle Ruby Instrumental", "Juice Box Instrumental", "Bunny Hopper Instrumental", and "So Many Died", capture this energy wave that is entertaining but lots of fun. You get not this techno source of beat, but more of a styling that is modernized yet hip. The material being very on the level but still catching as well. At times though the material feels eerie yet fine, making the noise of the instrumentals more dramatic yet simplified. It’s as if, the music is just very easy going upon each of these tracks and the entirety of the album really.

When it comes down to it, this release is just chalk full of an interesting side to the rapper hip hop guy Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer, he not only has his own content of works, but this company and then all of this content as well, it is just showing off what he can truly do with his mind set. If more likely works would come forth, surely the music would be heard many times over.


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