Shawn Phillips – Continuance

Being primarily influential within the 1960's and 1970's American folk rock musician Shawn Phillips has released his most latest album to date titled "Continuance". The guitarist, vocalist and sitar player, has released what some call daring, socially conscious, and expressive piece of his time. That said, the musician has mixed together hard rock, blues, funk, jazz, classical and new age into such an experience of style is simply enthralling yet unreal even.

Never hearing any of his previous works prior to this album, the album stood out for itself. Capturing that experience of essence that showcased raw but impressive talent for Shawn Phillips. It being his 26th solo effort release in fact. Take for instance such tracks as "Back To The Fusion", "Dancing In Survival", "Mirror Of Light", and "The Force That We Call Life", all captivate this eeriness of tone, that makes the vocalization so moving, the instrumentation just keeps it altogether for the faith of the music.

Like the melodies displayed captures this tone that depicts what was said before, except some how it makes the music just more empowered and gripping. Vocals can be spread far and wide, intertwining within the music of the instruments, that it appears as if at times, the music never wants to end. When it does come to an ending point, you are taken a back to the sounds that were just heard, wanting to hit replay if not eagerly wanting more of his works that is Shawn Phillips.

When it comes down to it, the material at hand, sounds very stable with lots of progression and talent of experience thrown across it. This release showcasing such works, that the material never gets old or faded, it becomes fresher with each hear through. Shawn Phillips being an artistic musician of his lifetime, that will hold up to what he does best, with creating such creative pieces of art, that is made into what many know as music. “Continuance”, is an album for the current timing, that says so much, there is nothing left to be said of it really.

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